Kellie’s Blog: People with energy are annoying anyway
Kellie’s Blog: People with energy are annoying anyway

I don’t know the last time I’ve slept so much. I lay down for a nap at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon and woke up at 4am the next day…a little pile of poo and a puddle of pee waiting for me in the hall, thank you very much, Phoebe. Aggravating dog.

And then Friday night, I was in bed by 10:30 and — if it wasn’t for somewhere I had to be — up at 8:30. I’m sure I could’ve slept until noon. But I managed to make it through until about 3pm, when I needed another nap. Then up for dinner with friends, which I enjoyed in an upright position. I THINK I was awake for most of it. Back home and in bed as soon as possible, but up again for church far too few hours later….another puddle of pee waiting in the hall for me, thank you very much, Phoebe. I was there in body, but so focused on keeping my eyelids open, I can’t say I was there in spirit. Back home to collect Emma Kelly from her weekend with her daddy and nap time was officially off the table. But I couldn’t wait to crawl into bed with her at 8:30 where I passed out until the alarm went off at 2:30 this morning. Another puddle of pee waiting in the hall for me, thank you very much, Phoebe.

So I feel like a worthless blob who slept and slept-walked through her weekend, but here I am already trying to figure out when I can work in a nap later today. The best I can come up with is right after my workout. I have a one hour window before I have to pick up Emma Kelly from school. I figure if I bust a move, I can make it to her parking lot, put the driver’s seat back, and catch a 30 minute nap before I swing through the pickup line. It’s the best I can come up with.

weight So when are these one hour workouts 3 times a week supposed to give me that energy burst I’ve been waiting for? When does that motivation to be more active and eat more antioxidants or whatever the hell trend I’m supposed to be buying into supposed to kick in? When am I supposed to feel youthful and vibrant and ready to take on the world?  Or is it time to just roll over and play dead because I really could use the sleep…