J-Si’s Blog: You can sleep in my house now!
J-Si’s Blog: You can sleep in my house now!

Man, you turn your back on your wife for one second and she buys a bed. Haha. Our quest to furnish our house is one room closer to being completed. We have a working guest bedroom. Why did we rush into buying a bed? Because we will be having Kinsey’s grandma stay with us for a week. It was not one of those easy things either. Why? Because Kinsey bought a mattress that was better than the one in our room. So we had to do the whole, move the old mattress and box spring to the guest bedroom, and vice versa. Luckily, I was all into doing this for her because I got one of those Nike+ bands that Kidd has been talking about, and I desperately needed the points. He was right, these things are not just bands that keep track of your day, they are bands that can make you a better husband, because you definitely want to do everything that turns into points. I got a bunch of points for just blowing up some huge ball we bought Cason. Oh, you want the trash to be taken out? I got it. The kid needs a diaper change? done!

And now to my rant of the weekend. Hi, my name is J-Si, and I was ripped off by my insurance agent… bad! homeinsuranceI won’t name who he works for, but I will tell you that he was not a good neighbor, and was not there for me. When you buy a house, you need to get insurance for the house. I had no idea how much it should cost, so I hit him up, he gave me a number, I figured that was normal, since I have worked with him for about 6 years, and moved on. At closing, our real estate agent, our financial stud from the bank and the title company employee were shocked to see how much we were charged. They said we should be paying less than half of what I paid. So I called my agent, he acted shocked that this happened and promised to fix it and refund my money.

Here we are, 4 months later, and nothing. So I finally called to see what the deal was, and that is when my agent dropped this ball on me: they will not lower my rate, in fact…it may go up! He says it’s because the home is not updated… problem is, it is updated… everything was updated. I called another agent in his company, because Kinsey’s friend is dating one, asked him to draw us up something on paper, same numbers, same house, same cars. The home insurance was less than half the price. I asked him why my agent said he couldn’t do anything, and he told me that it was probably because he didn’t want to put in the work for his mistake, or he is just flat out ripping me off to get the extra money for his branch.

I was told these two things by my soon to be “good neighbor”, who is supposed to be there:

1. This particular insurance company does not want people to get home insurance through them… so why call yourself a “good neighbor”? Neighbors live in homes, that are insured.

2. “I knew the rate was too high, and was shocked when you took it!” Yup. He said that. Blew my mind too. If I had a working relationship with someone, I would bring that up, and see if they can go find it for waaaaaay cheaper and not ruin my relationship once the incredibly high price is uncovered.

So now, I can cancel, but I have lost quite a bit of money… Just when you think you can trust people, something like this smacks you in the face. It’s ok, because it’s fixable, I will have a better insurance agent and I learned from my mistake. When it comes from insurance, always get multiple quotes. Good times 🙂