Kellie’sBlog: It’s Facebook WAR! Who’s prepared for battle?
Kellie’sBlog: It’s Facebook WAR! Who’s prepared for battle?

I expended a lot of unintended energy on Facebook this weekend. I thought some people might actually want to see a picture of a cute baby — one that had been under wraps for the past couple of months and was finally revealed on Friday. So I posted a picture of North West and said something about what a cutie pie she was and her juicy cheeks, and the next thing you know — all these hateful and racist comments started spewing out of keyboards and landing on my wall! I was horrified. And I think the mama bear in me got riled up because even though she’s not my kid, she’s still a defenseless baby. So I started deleting and — in the worst cases, banning — comments and commenters, and then I fired off a message about how shameful what I’d been reading was and asked the offenders to unlike my page. That just opened up an even bigger can of worms.

fbiconI love the man who called me a hypocrite because of the way I spoke about Ashley Judd. Here’s the difference — my opinion of Ashley Judd is based on the experience I had with Ashley Judd. She was cold and beyond rude to Kidd Kraddick, who was simply trying to offer her a chair to sit down while she smoked her cancer stick. BIG difference between me talking about Ashley’s rudeness and superiority complex compared to those going off on a newborn baby who is going to be faced with a lifetime of slings and arrows due to no fault of her own — but simply because she was born to a couple who generate a lot of emotions on message boards.

And I don’t care if people call me immature for hitting the “ban” button because “you can’t handle an opinion different than your own.” Um, no. This isn’t a matter of me deleting people with differing opinions. This was a matter of me deleting people who called an innocent baby ugly and banning those who made racist comments. Thinking a baby is ugly and making it public knowledge are two different things. One is an opinion, the other is blatantly rude. And as far as racist comments, what’s to debate there? You seriously think I’m going to allow that to sit on my wall? To let those comments sit there would be equal to my condoning those beliefs. And to engage in a message board battle with an idiot only makes me a bigger idiot. Been there, done that and learned my lesson.

And here’s the most important point of all — IT’S MY FACEBOOK PAGE! I can post, promote, delete or ban anybody or anything I want! And if I want to turn my Facebook page into North West’s unofficial fan page, I will do that because IT’S MY FREAKING PAGE!!

So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest for the last time, let’s go out and create our own sunshine!