First of all it’s the first of the month— rent is due!

Girls will be out at the clubs and bars all over the country wearing too tight clothes and too short skirts and boobies will be flying all over the place. Why, girls are trying to get paid… yes, we know whats up. It happens on the first of every month. It might be visible at small local bars but its especially prevalent at the high dollar clubs that are way too fancy for me. Between the first and the 3rd of every month, I want you to pay special attention to the girls at the club. They are a little bit friendlier. They are a little bit easier to approach. They laugh at your jokes… why? Rent is due. And fellas, no matter what you do. Be EXTRA careful on the 4th of the month… because that’s when the late charges kick in. if you think they were bad on the first 3 days of the month, woooo,

On the 4th when that scent of desperation kicks in, it gets super bad.

And to all of my “brotha’s” out there, we really need to keep a watchful eye out because today is the first day of black history month. Don’t think those little hot white girls don’t know this! They know we are a little vulnerable right now thinking about the accomplishments of our ancestors. Don’t fall for it.

And for my younger brothers, the ones that are going off to college next year… you know today is national signing day and you better believe the H.O.T’s know this too. The Hoochies OF Tomorrow get together every year and they look for those star atheletes that are about to get ready for big dollars.

Level orange fellas—LEVEL ORANGE!