Well, we have a dilemma in the Chavez household: I think Kinsey has gone crazy. I know what you’re probably thinking: “what did she do now?” Oh nothing, she just decided to write a lil blurb the “missed connection” section. Yes! She wrote a missed connection on a raunchy, dirrrrrrty, very R rated website. Why would she do this? I asked myself the same thing, but she was a woman who was not going to be stopped.

It all started when she took a nice lil trip to Target with her sister. According to Kinsey, she saw a couple who were around our age. That caught her attention. Then she noticed that they had a 6 month old baby. She knows the baby’s age because she made contact with them after the guy asked Kinsey if she knew where the beer was. I thought that was funny because she doesnt even know where the beer is at our house. After that encounter, and finding out they were parents too, Kinsey told her sister that she should have gotten the girls number because “we could have become couple best friends”. This is something Kinsey has been doing since she gave birth. If she sees anyone around our age with kids she thinks they are going to be our new best friends. Her sister told her she should give them her business card, so she spent the rest of the shopping trip, holding her business card, looking for the couple… but did not find them.

As she was leaving Target, she noticed them getting in a car across the parking lot. So she floored it to get to them before they took off, but she almost hit an old lady who was backing out, and then got stuck behind her slowness. Connection did not occur. So she gets home, doesn’t bring in the groceries, and says she needs to get on Craigslist. I am getting super excited over this because I thought a friend of hers was on the website, and that could be hilarious. Nope. She wanted to get on and write a “missed connection” as fast as possible, “just in case the couple from Target wants to find her.” Yeah… that happened. I told her that normal couples dont look at the missed connection nation on craigslist, unless they are swingers, which, in turn, would make them swingers, and we dont want that. Kinsey was not stopped. She wrote it in:

“Hey! saw you and your husband at Target. I am the blonde girl with the cute brunette sister. My husband and I just had a baby and we are looking for friends who have the same interests as we do. We can have fun game nights! My name is Kinsey Chavez, look me up on facebook :)”

Yeah, I made Kinsey delete that ASAP and then explained to her that she would get nothing but creepers through that website… and I also told her that her message could be taken the wrong way, especially the “fun game nights” thing. So she agreed to take it off, but she said she would only take it off if I tried to find them on the show and using my facebook. I told her we would find other friends, and she replied with, “but the guy looked like your best man, Frank! Its meant to be!” I followed it up with, “what did the girl look like?” and got a smack on the arm. haha!

Wish Kinsey luck in her search.

Moral of the story: I should have taught Kinsey about missed connection nation a long time ago to avoid this.