Madison’s Blog: Big Break – Day 2
Madison’s Blog: Big Break – Day 2

Today was yet another jam-packed day at Septien Entertainment! After a fun and enjoyable morning on the show (where I’m feeling more at home each day and the ENTIRE cast is making me feel the “love”) we kicked off the day with stage presence class, with Kat. We worked on staging my original song, “Thoughts of You”. Stage presence has really proven to be a huge challenge for me, as I’m so used to playing my music in my bedroom with a guitar on my lap and my audience being mostly Caboose, Atticus or Padme, my cats! Slowly– but surly– Kat (but not MY cat, lol) is coaching me to see that I’m up for the task and totally pulling me out of my shell. She is really helping me to appear as more of a “star”, and I have faith that by the end of the week I’ll feel more comfortable in my own skin on stage as a musician and entertainer (versus a lead or cast member in a play) in a performance situation.

Next, I was fortunate enough to get about 45 minutes to myself in a small classroom to write some music, focus and collect my thoughts. This was really beneficial for me, as it really allowed me to fully process what I’ve been working for through the past couple of days. This is all amazing and exciting, but scary in ways, too. I am excited to learn and grow, but can see that with those changes, come others that I couldn’t have expected. I am gaining followers, respect, knowledge and confidence while losing anonymity, free time, full control of my product and sometimes my mind! Still, I’m very blessed to have this opportunity and I really do know that.

Following my much-needed down time, I had another amazing guitar lesson Tuesday afternoon with Carlo. What I love about working with Carlo is that he has such wonderful ideas, and he really knows how to communicate them effectively. We ran through the song a few times in preparation for the performance tomorrow morning. Today was great– I feel as though I’m accomplishing a lot as well as improving massively–especially after just TWO days! I’m feeling more and more excited (as well as nervous!) as Sunday approaches, but I’m also constantly reminding myself of what an amazing opportunity I’ve been gifted with, and I can’t wait to keep rolling, growing and learning this week!!

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