Today was incredible! Last night I got to spend some much needed “girl time” with my cousin, Alyssa. She stayed with us in the suite and went to the station with us this morning. Spending time with someone my age who is close and a trusted friend, I felt more like myself. When we got to the station for this morning for my interview, I was informed that I had a surprise in store for me…IN NO WAY did I expect what was coming! A surprise caller phoned in to talk to me, and that super star just happened to be the ONE and ONLY……(drum roll…) DEMI LOVATO! I was shocked, and honestly, completely star-struck. I was fortunate enough to personally speak with Demi about what I’m going through this week, and her advice was sincere and it made me feel a thousand times better, especially after my “rough” day on Tuesday. We had a delicious and quick breakfast after the show and I headed to Septien for a voice lesson with Linda. It was even more fun and effective than the first! She makes me feel comfortable while pushing me to do things I didn’t think I could. I can already see a huge improvement in my voice, which makes me that much more excited for the Showcase at The House Of Blues on Sunday. Next, we headed over to the recording studio to lay down new tracks.

When I got in the studio, they played the track they had roughly laid the day before, and I was AMAZED. After adding some uke to the song, I was sent off to the booth to record the vocals. I HAVE NEVER HAD THAT MUCH FUN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! It’s been made apparent that I have been struggling so far with coming out of my “comfort zone”. Once I stepped into that booth, I immediately felt confident, secure and just a little nervous! I totally LET GO of everything that had been holding me back. I surrendered and immersed myself into the experience.

Linda and the producers, Geoff and Scott, had a lot of complimentary things to say and a some good, insightful critiques. By the end of this session, we had ourselves not just a song–an extraordinary piece of work that I am VERY proud of!

After finishing (late) in the studio and only an hour to spare (in Dallas traffic) my dad and I rushed to the nearest mall to find a jacket Linda suggested to add to my look for my gig at Big Al’s McKinney Avenue Tavern (MAT). It’s safe to say, I’ve changed clothes more times than I can count this week in the back seat of our rental car!

We arrived at the MAT and everyone was there, supportive, kind and helped me get set up. During my sound check, the door started opening and the room began to fill up! Finally, it was time to go on. Big Al gave a funny and sweet introduction of me and I began my set. Time flies when you’re having fun and that’s exactly what happened. I felt right at home on stage and even though the stage and venue were somewhat small, I felt like I was playing a concert in a big-time auditorium.

During, and especially after, the show the applause filled the room, and my soul. I got to meet REAL FANS & take pictures with lots of people. I felt humbled and thankful for all the compliments people gave me after performing.
It was the greatest feeling. This was absolutely the perfect end to the perfect day.

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