Today was quite the eventful day! As usual, I started off at the radio station, where I had a lot of surprises in store… I actually had the opportunity to chat with Lee Leipsner from COLUMBIA RECORDS– who has actually watched and enjoyed my videos and music. That was insane… Hearing someone so successful say positive remarks about my music just makes me feel elated. Next, the cast told me that m getting to perform on Good Morning Texas on Monday morning!! So many opportunities in such little time.. And to top off the morning, I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Emma Kellie herself! She was just a doll (was wearing the cutest denim dress!)

Today was pretty simple In terms of being at Septien, I only had an hour of stage prescience cleanup with Kat followed by a voice lesson with Linda.

Now, time for the really fun sort… MY MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT! This was just so much fun. Getting my hair and makeup done by the wonderful Samantha, then feeling like a true star on camera thanks to the distillery Team, it was an amazing combination! Not to mention my mom organizing all my outfits for me. Oh- and to make this whole thing even better (yes that was somehow possible!) my parents surprised me by flying in my little brother Grant! All of a sudden I heard his voice and turned around and there he was. So great.

The actual shooting process was such a blast. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.. But judging by how awesome I felt, I’m gonna say it’s going to be absolutely incredible.

Shooting was such an educational and fun experience, and I hope some day I can do it all again! Yet ANOTHER GREAT DAY!!

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