I have to admit that I have broken an unwritten Mexican Man Law. I, Jose Chavez, actually went to the doctor on Friday. I know, I know! I am supposed to just drink some sprite and call it a day, but it was getting too nutty. My lung capacity went from awesome, to “am I getting any oxygen”, so I figured it was time. I was 98% sure I had bronchitis, and basically just wanted the prescription for whatever it is that I needed, but apparently doctors don’t do that. So I paid about $114, to be exact, so that a lady could hear me breathe with her stethoscope and tell me that I… drum roll… have the bronchitis, Jesus.

I was also given an extensive prescription. I got all sorts of pills, and an inhaler. I do remember the doctor telling me that one of those had steroids in them, but I don’t remember which one… and I was thinking that I would at least get pretty buff from being sick because of the steroids, and thats when she told me that I could not work out for 5 days. I put up a fight, and she lowered it down to at least 3 days, but she would prefer 5. I was also told to stay home all weekend, and not to have contact with Cason to make sure I didn’t give him a bad cold. Does that sound like a fun weekend to you? At least I got codeine. This was my first encounter with Lil Wayne’s favorite drink. This is no joke, one lil teaspoon would knock me out for hours, and it helped with the coughing. The taste is also pretty dang delicious too. And that was your codeine endorsement. PS- kids, don’t try this at home.

Kinsey said I was saying random things in the middle of the night… she said I sounded “drunk”, but maybe thats because she was the drunk after attending Kellie’s party of swapping and stuff. Kinsey came home with a car seat, and about 300 kid’s toys… no clothing. Hmmmm. Oh, and she brought me some chicken fingers and brownies. So Cason and I got stuff and she didn’t. She just got drunk. Shout of to Greg Jake Radio Name for dropping her off at my house. He had to put up with tipsy Kinsey and his wife, tipsy Erica… and for that, I thank you 🙂