I got an email yesterday from a guy telling me how great it was meeting me and if I ever needed anyone “for the show” I should contact him. He went into detail about some of the things that we discussed and then he also offered to buy me a few “more” beers sometime. The trouble is that he was talking to someone else. It wasn’t me. I have not been to the bar that he mentioned in his email in the last 2 years. but apparently, someone did. And that someone passed for me and knew enough about me to fool this guy. They talked about my bar, they talked about the show, and even my new baby. NEW BABY??? Wow, apparently, I’m a new dad. Cigars anyone? I guess I can’t get too mad. Once I passed myself off for Cordel Stewart while I was in New Orleans. And one dude was so impressed, he hung out with me, “Cordel,” for 3 straight hours. He even left his girlfriend on the streets of the French Quarter while he hung out with his “football idol!”

Good times.

This Friday I have to go to Mexico for a day! Why? I’m going for a meeting that is going to last an hour at the most…this meeting will be with 4 employees and only 2 of them speak English. Let me run this down for you. It will take 30 minutes to drive to the airport. It will then take 30 minutes to park and go through security. I will then have about another 30 minutes to wait to board. Then, boarding to departure normally takes another 30 minutes. Assuming the flight is on time and there are no problems, the flight will take 2 hours and 15 minutes. Then going through customs and immigration, lets say another 45 minutes. I will bicker with the Mexican cab driver about the amount of money he is charging me to drive to playa del Carmen. The cab ride takes 45 minutes. That’s a total of 6 hours. to get to a meeting. Then the next morning, I will do all of that in reverse! If I’m lucky, I’ll at least SEE the ocean!

I think I may be a little too trusting. Saturday morning, I stopped at a gas station. It’s a station near me and I know the manager. I see him all the time. I asked “Nate,” the boss, if he would do me a favor. I handed him the 300 or so lottery tickets that I purchased when the mega millions jackpot was up to 600 million dollars. I needed him to run them through the machine to see if I was a winner on any of them. There could be a couple hundred dollars in there. Who knows? I also gave him my phone number. Ummm, he hasn’t called and he wasn’t at work yesterday. What if one of those tickets was worth several thousand dollars and he took a few days off to enjoy his new found money?!