his could be one of the smartest things we have done since Cason’s birth… or the worst thing. Kinsey and I are taking a mommy daddy weekend. The number one thing people have told us is to make sure we have time for ourselves to keep our relationship fire burning, and take some alone time. So what better way to do that, than to go to Las Vegas!! Cason will be taken care of by K-Ras on Friday, and by Kinsey’s sister on Saturday. So lil man will be in good hands. Mommy and Daddy, on the other hand, will be at the mercy of the city with “sin” as a nickname.

The problem that I think we will encounter, and by we I mean Kinsey, is that we (Kinsey) will spent the entire time wondering if Cason is ok. I am scared that she wont let herself go and just enjoy the moment, plus you gotta add the Vegas element. I have been to Las Vegas a few times, with and without Kinsey. The trips have gone very well, but I am fully aware that there are only two outcomes every time you go. They are both extremes, because you will either:

1. Have the best time of your life, you will get along with your significant other beautifully, and feel like its a brand new relationship all over again


2. You will spend the entire time fighting, which turns into ugly fighting in front of strangers at a Casino, while you spill your $20 drinks all over the place. Then you decide to go gambling by yourself to forget about the fight and you lose way more money than you need to be losing, while your partner sits in a hotel, on the phone with their mother, talking about how horrible you are.

Luckily, option #2 has not happened to me and Kinsey… but I have seen that happen at least 5 times a night during my trips. I dont know if the “partner crying in the room talking crap about their significant other while their mom listens” is true, but I bet that 70% of the time, it happens every time.

I feel that we will be just fine… I just hope Cason behaves himself with the K-Ras, because if he doesnt, she may take it out on me next week… and that is no bueno.

Speaking of Cason, this is what the little guy has been up to lately. He will probably walk before he crawls because he hates the “belly time”. He also enjoys staring at himself in the mirror, but when he sees himself in the mirror he started doing some weird spitting thing. I dont know why, but he does it, and as his father, I happen to think it is very “cute”… I know, I know! I am not supposed to say “cute” because I am a dude, but thats the best word I could use to describe it. Here’s the bubble creating stud: