I actually had a pretty dang cool, random, experience yesterday. Cason had fallen asleep, so I was sitting in the room with bio sis. I had been on the dang phone talking to the Oprah people for about an hour and a half, and then I had to take care of some bills, which always take longer due to the amount of time you have to spend pushing buttons and listening to a machine who doesn’t care about your feelings. I was a bit restless, so I asked bio sis if she would mind chillin with Cason while I went down to the gym for a lil bit. She was really into the daily Friends marathon on TBS, so she said it would be ok.

I get down to the gym, and about 5 minutes later two guys walk in. A really buff guy, and the guy I was actually listening to on my ipod… Drake! Pretending not to be a super fan while the dude was standing two feet away from me was a pretty tough task. I took my ipod off when they started working out, because they were talking and I wanted to be in the loop… aka, be really nosy. It was actually pretty cool to hear them talk about their everyday life, girl problems, friend problems, and what he was planning on doing that weekend. His trainer was actually giving him some advice on how to handle a situation with a girl, and when he stopped talking I saw my opening. This was risky because it could get me a roll of the eyes, from both of them, or it could get me a laugh. So I went for it and blurted out the only words I spoke to the one and only, Drake. As soon as his trainer finished with his advice I said, “well thats cool, you got your very own trainer/ Dr. Phil!” They both stopped, and made eye contact… this was where everything went into slow motion. I have realized that brothas tend to pause, take things in, and then give you their displeasure, or acceptance. I was waiting. They paused, looked at each other, and then back at me and busted out a big laugh! Yesssss! I even got the “you stupid” (with a smile) from Drake. I know that “you stupid” may not seem like a compliment, but it was cause he said it as he was laughing. Then they kept on working out. I was acknowledged, and I was happy about it. He then did a couple more exercises and left the room, just like that. This is how I know that Drake is not a DB, or a jerk: he walked out of the room, then re-opened the door, and said, “aight man, take care!” Instead of saying, “you too!” I ended up embarrassing myself because I said… ok, I blurted out “thats the name of your album!”. He was nice enough to chuckle and say, “yessir!” Who does that?!?! I had done such a great job at not looking like a super fan, and I ruined it last minute. Haha! Whoops!