Day 2 of the food diary…Kidd wanted to know what everyone on the show Kellie, Jenna, Big Al and J-Si agreed to keep track! So, who’s food diary is most like yours?


Tuesday 3/26
Coffee with 2 Sweet ‘N Lows and non-dairy creamer
6-pack of cheese and peanut butter crackers
Coffee with 2 Sweet ‘N Lows and non-dairy creamer
Coffee with 2 Sweet ‘N Lows and non-dairy creamer

Jumbo Jack
Diet Pepsi

Green Giant Healthy Weight frozen vegetables
Shaved peppered turkey breast
Diet Pepsi
About 6 french fries

Licked out the insides of four Nutter Butters


Tuesday 3/26
Another half bottle of pepto
Wheat toast with jelly
Oatfit oatmeal with cranberries
5-trefoil GS cookies and 2 oreos
Chicken tortilla soup and saltines from Whole Foods
Iso-pure protein smoothie with blueberry and peanut butter
Grilled chicken on spinach salad with basalmic



Tuesday 3/26
chicken breast and broc
sugar free red bull
cup of seafood gumbo
10 bbq shrimp
small bag roasted almonds



Tuesday 3/26
Taco Tuesday!

5 am– 5 egg whites, and protein shake.
7 am– oatmeal with agave nectar, protein shake, and almonds
9 am– 5 egg whites and a handful of almonds
12 pm– 2 Chicken meatball tacos: whole grain tortilla, fresh goat cheese, spicy hummus, spinach, and avocado.
2 pm– protein shake and 4 hard boiled eggs.
5 pm– recovery drink with protein
8 pm– low carb steak tacos- steak, lettuce shell (instead of tortilla), avocado, black beans, salsa, cilantro. Side of broccoli and green beans.
10:30 pm– protein shake


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