I broke the news to J-Si as soon as I heard it. Jr. Seau had passed away. I have no idea why I wanted to be the one to tell J-Si. But we had just seen one another at a charity event and I heard the news in the car and I called him immediately. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to be the one to tell someone “news.” With all of the sources that we have to get information, no one is first anymore. We get the news off the twitter feed, Facebook posts etc. But the bottom line here is that a sports icon has killed himself. A seemingly happy person with a lot of LIFE ahead of him, decided to take their own. Watching his family on the news yesterday was sooo sad. If for no other reason, the decision, the selfish decision to take your own life brings so much pain to those that love you. How can someone do this to their mother, their family?

There are two big events that really help me put life in perspective every year. The Kidd’s Kids trip, and The Children’s Cancer Fund Luncheon. Yesterday, Kellie, J-Si and me attended this event and escorted Shay down the runway as she celebrated being in remission. In fact, there were lots of football players there, local celebrities, even Ms. Texas…who I have to admit, I think she was digging some Big Al. J

Ok, maybe its wishful thinking but she did ask for a picture with me. So that’s kinda the same thing, right? but anyway, the smiles on these kids faces and the way they take so much pride in just being there really makes me feel like I’m so fortunate. They were sooo happy!

Mexico, I will see you tomorrow. An afternoon of fun in the sun will be awesome. And then a meeting with my employees and back home. Instead of thinking of this like a rushed trip, I’m changing my mindset and thinking of it as 2 separate weekends…one in Mexico and one at home. See how you can take a negative and flip it into a positive??? Its all a matter of how you look at things