Check this one off Cason’s list of cool things to do. Lil man went to his first baseball game… and my bad luck came along with us. YAY! We had the best seats I have ever had at a baseball game. Right behind freaking home plate! The seats were amazing, and I got to enjoy them for a whole 5 minutes before it started pouring rain. haha! This bad luck thing is just getting ridiculous. The night before had a higher percent chance of rain, and nothing happened. Yesterday, was supposed to be a 30% chance, and it hailed and stormed for about 30 minutes. So Cason got a lil wet, and was actually laughing when the rain was hitting his little bald head. The rain ended up getting out of there and the game resumed, but I was not able to fully enjoy the awesome seats. Why? Because Cason was not really too thrilled with the baseball experience. Every time the announcer would come on… Cason would cry (he eventually got used to it). Every time a great play happened to make the crowd cheer… Cason would cry. Every time the pitcher would strike someone out or get to a full count, prompting some loudness from the fans… Cason would cry. You may think he was doing a lil whimpering kind of cry. Oh no, no, sir! He was doing his incredibly loud, I am crazy hungry, shriek/scream type of cry. The scream cry that has made him very popular with the Kellie Rasberry and Shanon Murphy. The kind of cry that would make people in our section stop cheering and stare at us. Some gave the stank eye. Some gave the, “oh, poor baby” stare. Some people cheered louder to see if he would scream louder… I have no way to prove that, but I know that’s why they did it. So our first baseball game experience with Cason was full of rain and screaming. So yeah, it went amazingly well.

You would think that watching my best friend play in a professional baseball game, sitting behind home plate would be the highlight of the day, but it was not. It was trumped by the fact that yesterday marked 10 years of bliss for Kinsey and me. Ok, maybe not all 10 years have been bliss, but in a day where people our age quit very easily, we have managed to make it work. It is tough to find people who have been together for 10 years. I think some people have forgotten that it takes an incredible amount of effort to make a relationship work. There were times when she almost walked away, and there were a few times where I almost walked away as well, but we never did. The reason I can’t walk away from Kinsey is because she is the one person who has been there for me during the most difficult times in my life. I don’t think I could find another person who could put up with my bad luck, my job, my messiness, the stage in my life where I went out too much, my annoying guitar playing, I could go on and on… bottom line is that I am far from perfect, and she has still a found a way to love me… for 10 years! Yes, having a baby has definitely changed me, but I am still messy… so there is that. So here is to 10 years and a 100 more.