Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are dating

Tennessee movie theater shooting suspect… Busta Rhymes arrested… Mariah Carey will guest star on “Empire”… Did the nanny break up Gwen and Gavin?… and Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas are dating

The man who terrorized movie goers at a movie theater outside Nashville has been identified as 29-year-old Vincente David Montano. During an afternoon showing of “Mad Max: Fury Road” Montano took out was looked like a semi-automatic pistol, sprayed three people with pepper spray and used a hatchet on a man’s shoulder. Luckily, police officers were working a traffic accident right outside the theater and responded immediately. The first officer arrived in the theater and said Montano pointed his gun so he fired once and retreated. When the SWAT team arrived, they said Montano came out with his ax in one hand and pulling the trigger of his gun with the other. So they opened fire on Montano, leaving him dead. It turns out he was firing a BB gun. He was also carrying a backpack and a satchel and in one of them he was carrying a fake explosive device. Montanto’s mother says her son was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic 9 years ago and had been committed at least three times. His mother told police she hadn’t seen her son in two years and even though the ID on him listed a Nashville address, police believe he was homeless.

Why would I be doing a story about Busta Rhymes? Because he was arrested last night for throwing a strawberry protein drink at the back of a gym employee’s head! Apparently, Busta and this person got into an argument on Tuesday when Busta wasn’t allowed to have cameras film him working out at the Steel Gym in NYC. So last night, Busta goes up to the gym and throws this carton of protein drink at the back of this person’s head! The cops were called and Busta was booked on assault charges. He was released early this morning.

Lee Daniels loved working with Mariah Carey so much on the movie “Precious” that he’s invited her to guest star on his TV show, “Empire.” He made the announcement at the dedication ceremony for Mariah’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. And check out the HILARIOUS video online of Mariah’s son crawling all over her as she’s trying to pose with her star.

RadarOnline says it was the nanny who broke up Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s marriage. According to a source, Gwen was very close to this woman so this has hit her hard. The source said Gwen treated her like a younger sister or a best friend, even loaning her clothes to wear. The nanny would be on “The Voice” set with the couple’s three kids while mommy worked and she’d travel with them on family vacations. But over time, the source said Gwen grew suspicious that the nanny and Gavin had become romantically involved — something they both strongly denied to Gwen. But when Gwen’s suspicions kept growing, the source said the scrutiny became too much and the nanny quit. But another source says the nanny didn’t quit, Gwen fired her. And even though they’ve filed for divorce, Gwen and Gavin are still living under the same roof, although they’re sleeping in separate bedrooms.

According to Us Weekly, Gigi Hadid played matchmaker, setting up her boyfriend Joe Jonas’ brother Nick with her BFF Kendall Jenner. Her motives may be a little selfish. A source says, “She thinks it would be fun for all of them to hang out.” Apparently, the chemistry is there, but right now, Kendall and Nick are getting to know each other with text message marathons.


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