Madonna & Live Nation Fire Back At Lawsuit

Netflix updates… Ozzy Osbourne will perform two farewell shows… Tan France seemingly unfollows Bobby Berk… Britney Spears sparks concern… and Madonna & Live Nation fire back at lawsuit

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Netflix is making a lot of news-worthy news lately. A deal has been made to bring all 6 seasons of Sex and the City to Netflix starting in April. And Just Like That will stay right where it is on Max. The classic film Crossroads starring Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning will begin streaming on Netflix February 15 — which is the exact same date the movie debuted in theaters back in 2002. Based on the success they had streaming Suits, Netflix has already started streaming another USA Network Show — Royal Pains. All 8 seasons of the medical drama/comedy dropped on Monday. And finally, Lindsay Lohan is teaming up with Kristin Chenoweth for her next Netflix Christmas movie. Our Little Secret “follows two resentful exes (played by Lindsay and Ian Harding) who are forced to spend Christmas together after discovering their current partners are siblings.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s health has gotten worse and worse. He had a big farewell tour scheduled for 2023, but he canceled it early in the year saying his touring days were over. On her current speaking tour, his wife Sharon said Ozzy wants to “say goodbye properly” to his fans, so he’s planning to do two final concerts in his hometown of Birmingham, England. And even though his health is bad, Sharon said Ozzy’s voice is still “absolutely perfect.”

Why did Bobby Berk bow out of Queer Eye? Some people speculate it was over money. Others say there was some behind-the-scenes animosity between Bobby and Tan France. Allegedly, Bobby was displeased that Tan got a spinoff series and he didn’t , which led to tension between the two. To promote his 8th and final season as part of Queer Eye, Bobby posted a photo of the entire cast dressed in glam rock outfits. He tagged everyone……except Tan.

Britney Spears has injured her ankle and her knee before, so fans were concerned when she posted a video of herself lying in bed with what look like leg braces. It turns out, Britney was wearing Therabody RecoveryAir boots, which use compression to relieve tired legs. Depending on which ones you get, you can pay between $600 and $1300 for these. Britney explained, “I danced for five hours yesterday. I had no idea about this, I had a friend who told me about it actually bought it for me and I was like ‘What the (BLANK) is this s**t?’ I would never ever buy this for myself. To whoever the genius who got this, thank you. It’s absolutely lovely so it really does what it says it recovers your body and your legs when you’ve been on your feet for a long time.”

Just to recap, two men who went to Madonna’s first performance of the US leg of her Celebration Tour filed a lawsuit against Madonna, Live Nation, and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, claiming “false advertising, negligent misrepresentation, and unfair and deceptive trace practices.” Their lawsuit says that Madonna took the stage at 10:30pm, not 8:30pm as the ticket stated, which led to all sorts of complications. Not only was leaving the arena at 1am more dangerous, it left them stranded with fewer transportation options and caused them to drag from fatigue the next day. Madonna’s attorneys have responded, saying a technical issue led to the delay, and they “intend to defend this case vigorously.” But a source says that technical issue was discovered during the sound check, and the audience should’ve been told there would be a delay. Meantime, on her 9021OMG podcast, Tori Spelling revealed something I either never knew or forgot about. Back in 2002, Tori said Luke Perry confided in her that Madonna had called him to ask him to present an award to her, and he played her the message on his answering machine. Luke said yes, and when he presented her with the award, Madonna kissed him! That led to a very brief fling. We don’t know how long it lasted, but the next year Luke married Rachel Sharp.


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