L’Wren Scott cut family out of will… “Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons”… Columbus Short faces prison time… What was Zac Efron doing on Skid Row?… and Reason behind Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin split

L’Wren Scott cut her brother and sister out of her will, leaving her entire $9 million fortune to her long-time boyfriend, Mick Jagger. “The New York Post” were able to get a copy of the will, which was dated May 23, 2013. L’Wren wrote, in part, “I give all my jewelry, clothing, household furniture and furnishings, personal automobiles and other tangible articles of a personal nature…to Michael Philip Jagger.” She also made sure her siblings got NOTHING, writing, “Except if otherwise provided in this will, I have intentionally omitted to provide herein for any of my heirs living at the date of my death.” L’Wren reportedly hadn’t spoken to her older sister for six years, but it’s not clear why she would’ve left her older brother out of the will. He was named co-head of her company just last year.

Who cares if the ratings are slipping for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians!” E! has just announced yet another spinoff. This time, it’s “Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons.” That’s right, Kourtney, her baby daddy, Scott Disick, their kids, Mason and Penelope, and newly single Khloe are all headed to the Hamptons, where they’re opening a pop-up boutique called “Dash Dolls.” The locals are NOT happy about it.

Columbus Short — who plays gladiator Harrison Wright on “Scandal” — was arrested in LA yesterday for landing a sucker-punch on a guy in a bar over the weekend. Witnesses say this guy made some smart comment about Columbus’ wife and he just started wailing on him. Columbus has been charged with felony battery and is now free on $50K bail. If he’s convicted, he faces up to four years in state prison. It’s looking like Columbus has some serious issues. This past Valentine’s Day, he was charged with misdemeanor spousal battery and a judge ordered him to stay away from his wife. Records show she filed for divorce back in September, but dismissed her petition earlier this year. And then back in March 2010, Columbus was playing basketball at an LA Fitness when he got into an argument with another player, punched him in the face and knocked several of his teeth out. Columbus ended up pleading no contest to a reduced charge and was placed on three years of informal probation.

What was Zac Efron doing on Skid Row anyway?? TMZ is reporting that just after midnight Sunday, police broke up a violent fight in a very bad part of downtown LA. That’s when they realized one of the guys was Zac. He told officers that he and his bodyguard were driving along minding their own business when their car ran out of gas. While they were waiting for a tow truck, one of them threw a bottle out of the window, which smashed on the sidewalk near this group of what looked like homeless people. Zac says these guys confronted them because they thought the bottle was thrown at them on purpose, and that’s when two of them attacked his bodyguard. That’s when Zac says he got out of the car to help and got punched in the mouth. Officers told TMZ that Zac was “obviously intoxicated” and that no one was arrested because they viewed the situation as “mutual combat.”

What led to the demise of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s marriage? Was it an extramarital affair? Were they simply growing apart? Sources are saying it was Gwyneth stringent diet rules for the kids and her devotion to Kaballah that drove Chris nuts. A source told “The Sun” that Chris wanted his kids to have fun — watch DVDs and cartoons on TV and have ice cream every now and then. But Gwyneth was so strict with her macrobiotic dieting and her parenting rules, allowing Apple and Moses to watch TV only in French and Spanish while snacking on carrot sticks and hummus and allowing them only one Coke a week.


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