Rob Kardashian moves in with new girlfriend Blac Chyna

Bachelor Chris Soules is suing… More Grammy performs… B.o.B. is convinced the world is flat… Oprah Winfrey’s big pay day… and Rob Kardashian moves in with new girlfriend Blac Chyna

Former Bachelor Chris “One Lip Farmer” Soules is suing for using his “persona” without his permission for one of his ads. But here’s the thing — Chris isn’t anywhere on the ad. It’s just a silhouette of some cowboy over the Hollywood sign. But Chris says in his lawsuit that he’s “one of the most famous celebrities in the United States” so this lonely cowboy is OBVIOUSLY him. He wants all the money FarmersOnly made from the commercial, plus damages.

The Recording Academy is gradually letting us know who’s going to be performing at the Grammys on February 15. So far we know that Justin Bieber, Pitbull. Adele, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt are performing. Scooter Braun tweeted that Tori Kelly is performing, as well, and now we know that it’s actually a duet with James Bay and Andra Day — who was just in studio with us and almost let it slip! — will be performing with Ellie Goulding. The Grammys will also feature a musical tribute to Lionel Richie.

We love B.o.B. We’ve had him in the studio a couple of times. But the poor thing is convinced the world is flat. He’s come to this conclusion through his own observations and laid out all the facts on Twitter, telling his followers, “I didn’t wanna believe it either.” Basically, he says if the world was round, we’d be able to see the horizon curve at higher elevations. He even posts a bunch of pictures to prove his point and says he’s “going up against the greatest liars in history” and that we’ve all been “tremendously deceived.” But when an astrophysicist chimed in with science proving the earth is round, B.o.B went off on him in an expletive-filled rap. And for his millions of Twitter followers who don’t agree with him, he said, “if my tweets are rattling the tiny little cages of your reality … the unfollow button is right there.”

Listen to B.o.B. and his theories.

Response from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Oprah Winfrey earned $12 million from one tweet! How can this be?? Oprah tweeted, “Eat bread. Lose weight. Whaaatttt? #ComeJoinMe” with a link to her Weight Watchers spot where she says she’s lost 26 pounds eating bread every day! That caused Weight Watchers stock to go up, of which Oprah owns 10 percent. And the result of that? $12 million for Oprah!

According to TMZ, Rob Kardashian moved out of his sister Khloe’s house and moved in with Blac Chyna almost a week ago. Their source says Rob actually made the first move, reaching out to Chyna with a DM two weeks ago. And Kylie Jenner — who dates Chyna’s ex, Tyga — is furious. She took a passive aggressive dig at her brother, reposting a drawing of this demonic goat beast looking thing with the caption, “My 7 year old little brother just drew this, what does this mean? It  means he’s not your brother anymore b—— get out of the house.” Kylie didn’t write the original caption, but she added, “this is @robkardashian lol.” She eventually deleted it.


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