Ronda Rousey Loses for 1st Time in UFC Career

Weekend box office news… RHONY want “Bethenny Frankel” money… “Blindspot” star being difficult… Justin Bieber and One Direction battle for the charts… and Ronda Rousey loses for 1st time in UFC career

The James Bond movie “Spectre” was number one at the box office again, earning another $35.4 million. That puts the movie over the $100 million mark in its first two weeks of release. “The Peanuts Movie” was second with $24.2 million. The new “Love the Coopers” was third with $8.4 million. “The Martian” was fourth with $6.7 million and “The 33” rounded out the top five with $5.8 million.

Sometimes playing hardball backfires. “Real Housewives of New York” stars Ramona, Sonja and Countess LuAnn decided they wanted to hold out for “Bethenny Frankel” money. She reportedly negotiated a million dollar deal to come back to the show. But according to Page Six, Bravo told the ladies that not only weren’t they getting that kind of money, they weren’t getting a contract. In fact, they are now reduced to a “pay for play” system. If the women are necessary for a story line, they’ll be filmed. If they’re not needed, oh well!

If you’re a fan of the NBC show “Blindspot,” the show’s star Jaimie Alexander is getting a reputation for being difficult. The whole premise of the show is that Jaimie’s character woke up naked in Times Square covered in these mysterious tattoos. Last week, production on the show was stopped because four makeup artists who spent seven hours a day applying fake tattoos all over Jaimie’s body were fired, along with one of the hairdressers. And now Jaimie is claiming that the temporary ink from the fake tats is toxic and making her sick. A source told Page Six that producers have been using doubles so Jaimie can leave the set early. Not only that, she reportedly hates her co-star Sullivan Stapleton, who plays FBI agent Kurt Weller, and is trying to get him fired. Maybe she’ll get what she wants because the show is a hit and has already been picked up for season two.

Justin Bieber knows how important it is for him to beat One Direction on the charts and he’s doing whatever he can to make that happen. For one thing, when fans bought tickets to Justin’s two concerts in LA last week, they got a copy of his new album, “Purpose.” That added almost 40K album sales right there! Justin also teamed up with the ride app Lyft, which allows riders to download his album for just $5. We have to wait for final totals on Nov. 19,  but early projections show that Justin is going to win this battle.

Lady Gaga believes in karma. After Ronda Rousey lost her UFC title to Holly Holm, Gaga tweeted, “THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT TOUCHING GLOVES!” UFC President Dana White told TMZ Sports that Ronda is bummed out and depressed, but in case there was any question, there will absolutely be a rematch. After the fight, Ronda was taken to an Australian hospital where she was kept overnight for observation. White said that Ronda didn’t suffer a concussion, but she did have a very big gash in her lip. They searched for the best plastic surgeon in Australia, who is scheduled to stitch her lip today.


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