Did I stay in Kidd’s place this weekend? Heck yeah! Did I jump on his bed naked? Heck yeah! He was a life saver by letting us stay there… mostly because the hotel we are staying at was not ready until yesterday, and we definitely did not have a place to stay. We were ready to go hook it up at La Quinta, mostly because they always have a Denny’s next door, and I love their prices and breakfast. We are now staying in a hotel that Auntie Crazy, Kellie’s best friend, set up for us.

In the past week, Kinsey, Cason, and I have stayed in four different places. With the full on packed up necessities, dogs, baby stuff, clothes, blah, blah blah… and as of yesterday, we no longer have a residence. Start the clock! We have two weeks to find a place to live! Was Kinsey beyond stressed out? Absolutely. If there is one thing Kinsey does not like, is being rushed with things. Every time we have moved, we have had at least 2 months to prepare, except when we moved out here, we only had one month, but we didnt have a baby, dogs, or any sort of furniture. haha.

The good news is that we have a place to stay. The bad news is that my bio sis is coming in, all the way from Mexico City. I really wanted to show her a good time and let her relax, but now she is going to be thrown into this tornado of legal action, and house hunting. At least we are staying in a really cool hotel, but there is only one bed. It will work out… it always does, but I feel really bad that this happened the one time she is coming out to visit me. This is going to be our first bonding experience since we found out about each other.

And it was Kinsey’s first mothers day!!! I had planned out to make breakfast for us and dress Cason up and go do fun stuff… but the circumstances changed that. So poor Kinsey spent her mothers day moving out of Kidd’s place, going to our old house to pack more stuff up, and heading to the hotel. We did manage to take some time out of that fun schedule to have some Mexican food. By the time we were finished, it was Cason’s bed time, and we were spent. So when we find a new place, we are having a mothers day do over!

We also sent my mom a video of Cason for mothers day… all we got back was “I love you Cason”. Good times. At least she wrote back, and at least we tried.