Who would of thought that something so hilarious would not be so hilarious once you look it up on the internet. Yesterday, Kinsey hit me up and sent me this text:

Kinsey: Cason had a hard turd! lol!

My reply: ewwww

Kinsey: it freaked me out! I saved it for you to see!

That is pretty funny. I was fully aware that this may happen eventually. Kinsey kept her word and saved it for me, and that was it. We had a laugh, we high fived Cason, Kinsey went off to work, and we moved on. That is until Cason tried to go potty again. The dude pushed and pushed, and I was expecting a diaper that would not be very fun to clean up based on his efforts. Nope, it was a lil one, just like the one Kinsey had saved for me. So I did what most parents would do… no, I didn’t call the doctor, I searched the internet. I did find a website that had pictures of baby poo so that I could compare and contrast. I ended up scaring myself, and it was to late to call the doctor by that time, because they were closed.

So, according to the poo picture website, Cason could be fine, or he could have some sort of intestinal failure happening. Thanks internet, thanks for being so vague and scaring the crap out of me. Now I have to wait until the doctor calls us so we can describe the poo to him.

With all this crap (pun intended) going on, I forgot to buy my $75 tickets to Mexico City from Spirit Airlines, but that may be a good thing. I donโ€™t think I would feel comfortable knowing I only paid $75. I pay way more on other airlines and get horrible service… imagine what $75 would get me. This may have been a blessing in disguise.