Yesterday was officially the scariest day I have experienced. I did live through the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, but I was only 2 years old and I don’t remember anything… so yesterday will take the cake.

I was actually surprised by the horrible weather we got hit with. I had just gotten home from picking Cason up, we sat down on the couch to watch his little baby channel when the sky pretty much went dark. Here’s what I knew: there was a 30% chance of rain, last I heard. The rain that was coming down did not seem like a light shower. So I switched over to the news, and there it was… tornados galore! That’s when Kinsey called me… she was stuck in the city where the tornados were hitting. She was actually told to go get some shelter by a police officer while I was on the phone with her. She was freaking out, and I was freaking out (internally). I tried to stay cool, calm, and collected. At least I had the news letting me know what was happening… until the satellite feed decided to take a dump. So there I am, with a baby, two whining dogs, and a frozen television screen that showed a semi that had been flung in the same area Kinsey was in.

After about an hour, the wind started picking up. I still had no clear satellite signal, so I was keeping up with Kinsey via text. I received a text from her that said: grab Cason and the dogs and go get in the bathtub. I did that. I also went and grabbed the mattress from Cason’s Crib and put it over us, and I strapped Cason to me using the baby bjorn sling thing. Last thing I was gonna let happen, was have him get separated from me if anything crazy went down. About ten minutes into our tub ‘o fun, the rain started coming down hard, then it stopped, and the sky got really red. That’s when my house started making weird noises. I do live in an old house, and felt like it was shaking, and the windows started shaking, and I have zero idea what’s happening. All I know is that Kinsey texted me and said there was some possible activity in the vicinity of our neighborhood… but that could mean it was miles away. Luckily nothing happened. Now windows broke, no wind damage, my car seems fine, and the cable feed eventually came back. Feeding a baby during this 6-hour ordeal was pretty tough, by the way. I know you were wondering. haha.

I knew it was bad when everyone in California started hitting me up to make sure we were ok… everyone, except my parents. Even bio dad and wife, who are in Acapulco vacationing, hit us up. This was by far the craziest weather day of my life. I am used to earthquakes, but even after living here for five and a half years, tornados still scare the crap out of me, but the most important thing is that we are ok. Kinsey made it home, eventually… it was about 8 pm by the time she was able to get back to us after sitting at a clinic for a few hours. Deep breath. All good.