And I am back from my Katy Perry experience from this weekend. I actually ended up staying at the same hotel where Whitney Houston passed away… pretty dang fancy, huh? I will admit that I did not feel that I fit in. Believe it or not, it seemed pretty empty. There were a couple people walking around, and the pool was empty when I showed up on Friday. Maybe that is because I got there at 6 pm. I had about half an hour to chill before we were whisked away to the Grove to watch a preview of Katy’s movie. I only got about half an hour of the movie, but I did like what I saw… and no, it’s not because her boobies were in 3D. It gives you the story from the beginning. So we get done, and they drive us back to the hotel, where we end up having about 30 radio personalities from around the country, congregating at the fancy bar in our hawaiian shirts, and loud, drunk, radio voices. I bet we did not annoy the bar staff at all.

My buddy and I ended up going out that night because my buddy from back home was having a birthday party at some club called the playhouse… this was where I saw my first, and only (Katy doesn’t count because it was an interview), celeb in their natural habitat… the club. Guess who it was! Ok, you would never get it because it was that Farrah girl from teen mom… and she came with one of my buddies! Yup, I partied with a teen mom! Sounds weird, huh? Apparently, she just turned 21, and booooooy did she take advantage of that 21 year status. She did get a lil tipsy, multiplied by 1,000. But I can’t talk, because I did lose my phone that night. Luckily, it was found by my friend, and I got it back the next day. Yay! That never happens! haha.

The next day was the big interview/ pool party. The party started at 2pm, and they feed us alcohol, and some food, but we mostly stayed by the alcohol. I figured I would get a couple beers in, and get loose for my interview, which was supposed to happen at 3pm. How much damage could I do in one hour, right? Plus they said we could not video, and would only do audio. So I chilled out in the sun, and got my tan on. Fast forward to 5pm… I had not done my interview. They finally grabbed us and put sat us in the hallway by the conference rooms at the hotel. Nowhere near the pool. The rest of the radio peeps actually had clothes on… and I was still in my bathing suit, no shirt. I said, “screw it! this is a pool party, and I am doing this interview accordingly.” I wont give the interview away, but heres what did happen:

1. it was actually on video, shot professionally by Katy’s people. She was wearing a very nice dress. I probably looked naked.

2. We did call Kinsey after I told Katy that she may be one of my “free passes”.

3. I asked her why I didn’t see paparazzi anywhere… and she calls out those celebs 🙂

After the interview, Katy asked if I wanted to go party with her and her friends… so I did. We had a great time. Ok, that did not happen, but I thought it would. I ended up going to my room and falling asleep because I had an early flight. Then I woke up and went to the airport to go home. Good times!