Guess what?!? I got a nice little surprise yesterday. Kinsey’s boss bought me and Kinsey a flight out to Vegas, because he thinks we need to make sure we have alone time. That is what got us in the situation we are in to begin with, but I will take it! haha. There was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions that occurred as soon as she told me. At first I got super crazy excited, but then I realized that I am Casper white and need to get tan before going out to the Vegas pool and being out dark’d (yup, just made that word up) by some dudes from Jersey. Then I got happy because I remembered that I could lay out in my back yard a couple days before the trip and I will get some color due to being Mexican. Then I got scared because I thought I was going to miss my buddy’s birthday party, but then I realized that I didn’t care because I had a free trip to Vegas.

Aaaaaaaaand then I remembered that we have a baby and that we will need to find somebody who will be able to watch him over that weekend. We have left Cason overnight when we went to Kinsey’s friends wedding, but he pretty much slept the entire time we were gone because we were in NO for only about 16 hours. This time he will be away from us for two full days. Plus, who wants to watch a baby during their weekend. Most people want to relax, and the last thing a baby lets you do is relax. So the countdown is on. We have two and a half weeks to find someone who will not hate us after watching Cason over the weekend. I told Kinsey that I was thinking of taking our savings and placing them on red because I saw a documentary on a British guy who did that, and he WON! She said no. It’s too risky to gamble away $432.12… too risky indeed.

Also, I have a message to the hospitals: if you are already hounding us with 13 calls a day regarding paying off our medical bills, guess what I am gonna do? Nothing. I am not going to pay crap. My phone got 5 calls from bill collectors, and Kinsey got 6. Really? We just had the baby, and she just had her gallbladder surgery. Do they not allow people to figure out what is happening? On top of that, we are still getting more bills in the mail. It’s nutty because they charge you for the most random things. Do they let you get with your insurance to figure out what is taken care of and what we need to pay? Nope, they just report you. This has been happening since Cason was 3 weeks old. Thank you for stressing out new parents all over the country, medical bill collectors, and thank you very much.