What’s New on the NEW KiddNation? Plus, tips and tricks!
What’s New on the NEW KiddNation? Plus, tips and tricks!

So you might have noticed that KiddNation.com looks a little different? Ok, a LOT different! Hopefully you’ll like all the changes, but just like when Facebook changes anything, we know change can be hard. And people don’t always like it. But we’ll help you through it. Because it’ll be better in the long run.

New things:

1. More content from the show will be posted. If Kidd talks about a Youtube video, we’ll post it on the site. If he reads a letter we’ll post it.
2. More important content is not on the home page. For example, it used to take 3 clicks just to get to the cast member’s blogs. Now they are front and center.
3. Comment with Facebook. You don’t have to sign up for our site any more. Plus, if someone replies to you, Facebook will send you a notification!
4. FASTER! According to 4/5 researchers, the new KiddNation loads TWICE as fast!
5. Subscribe to Blogs. Just put in your email and you’ll get no more than 1 email every afternoon tell you who posted a new blog and a summary of it. Then click the link to go straight to it! If you want to know everything about the lives of Kellie, Big Al, J-Si and Jenna, you should sign up!
6. Celebrity Guest Pages now contain everything related to that guest. Video from their interview/performance, photos, audio, links to their iTunes songs and more! Plus, all Celeb guests can be found in one location.
7. Videos from our YouTube channel can be easily accessed in one spot!
8. Blog-style posting, which means you’ll see posts on the homepage in reverse chronological order. Makes it easier to find something from today or yesterday.


1. Cast Page Navigation. See the photo at the top of the page with Kidd, Kellie, Big Al, J-Si and Jenna? If you click on each person, you’ll get a page featuring posts only related to them. i.e. Click on Kellie and you’ll see her blogs, the Showbiz Top 5, and her Delilah segments.
2. The Menu. You might notice there is a menu bar for a few seconds when you go to a page, then it wipes away to reveal an ad. This saves space on the page. Need the menu? Click the orange tab on the left and you’ll see it again!
3. How do I get HOME? Like most websites, if you click the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning logo, it’ll take you back to the homepage.