I got to do something pretty cool tonight. I interviewed Katie Couric! She’s got a new talk show coming up on September 10 — same day as Dish Nation starts, by the way! However, I don’t think Katie’s show and ours will be in competition with each other in any way, shape or form.

But before the interview, I scheduled an emergency spray tan. Yes, there are certain situations where spray tans do fall into the category of emergencies. Interviewing Katie Couric for radio is not one of them. A photos session for a national TV show is. And due to timing issues, I had to schedule this emergency spray tan before my evening interview with Katie Couric.

And the thing about spray tans is, they continue to develop over about an 8 hour period. So while I’m interviewing Ms. Couric, I could almost feel my skin turning more and more orange to the point where I was feeling almost like an island native. Well, maybe I wasn’t quite at “native” status…But at last check in the mirror, I could get away with claiming to have spent a couple days in the Bahamas, minus the sunburn and sun poisoning that I would be suffering if I legitimately had vacationed there.

But I did love the girl who did my spray tan today. Due to my emergency situation, the girl I normally go to wasn’t available to spray me down. And I REALLY like sticking with the same girl because, let’s face it — there are only so many people I want seeing me standing there in nothing but a pair of worn-out string bikini underwear with my skin glowing a shade of neon white that even Crayola has failed to imitate. But this girl today looked at this whole event as an art project. And my body was her canvas. She had me posing like she was spray-painting a masterpiece, standing back to admire her work as she went. I never felt more beautiful in my semi-nudity!

And now I sit here — just me and my spray tan…I actually feel a little oily — like I really need to take a shower. But that will have to wait because I’m not willing to give up this island glow just yet. Oh, you people who tan just don’t know how lucky you are……………….