Romance Movies In Real Life [AUDIO]

Do “Romantic Movie Moments” exist in real life? We take calls to see if you have ever made out in the rain or held a boombox above your head while singing. Listen and share your stories below! listen to ‘Romance Movies In Real Life’ on Audioboo  

We Announce The Big Break Finalists [AUDIO]

We have narrowed our selection down to four contestants, and issue them another challenge. We got them on the phone and got their real reactions. Listen and learn the new challenge below! listen to ‘The Big Break’ on Audioboo   Vote for The Big Break Finalists  

Bro Date: Sad Movie Edition [AUDIO]

Kellie issued a challenge on Friday, saying that Big Al and J-Si couldn’t see “Fault in Our Stars” without crying. They accepted the challenge and revealed the results. Check it out below! listen to ‘Bro Date: Sad Movie Edition’ on Audioboo  

Tracy Morgan injured in car accident [AUDIO]

Box office weekend news… Sandra Bullock’s award & 911 call… Melanie Griffith has filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas… Casper Smart moving our of Jennifer’s home… and Tracy Morgan injured in car accident listen to ‘Showbiz – June 9, 2014’ on Audioboo As expected, “The Fault in Our Stars” was number one at the box

Rick Gruber, Squirrel Hero [VIDEO]

Rick Gruber is a pool repair man in Pheonix who saved a squirrel’s life after it had drowned in a pool. He gave it CPR and pumped on it’s stomach until he revived the little guy. Listen to the call below! listen to ‘Rick Gruber, Squirrel Hero’ on Audioboo