Love Letters to Kellie: Prom Date Decision

Kellie gives some great love advice today! Our love expert talked us through a tough prom date decision and how to coach your man in the bedroom! Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE.   See all Love Letters to Kellie  

Justin Bieber Cancels Tour Meet-and-Greets

Bachelorette spoiler…Real Housewives drama… Channing Tatum’s dance competition… Nick Cannon released a song… and Justin Bieber cancels tour meet-and-greets There are so many spoilers to the Bachelor and Bachelorette, that the show’s creator is even starting to get in on it. Mike Fleiss tweeted that new Bachelorette JoJo is taking this very seriously and

Goldfish with Braces

Mr. Hot Wing had trouble breathing and was unable to eat until his $150 surgery. The picture has gone viral since Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology posted it on their Facebook page.     Watch the featured news story below!