Behind That Drop [AUDIO]

Ever wondered why Kellie was so angry when she yelled, “TV THEME SHOW SONG!!!”? We like to drop a sound bite every now and then, so we shared the stories behind some of our favorite drops to use on the show.  Listen below! listen to ‘Behind That Drop’ on Audioboo

J-Si’s Bully Problem [AUDIO]

When Cason walked into the house with a “sleeping” bird, J-Si was mortified! Turns out he has a squirrel bully in his backyard. We all know how much J-Si loves squirrels, will this incident make him turn his back on the furry creatures? listen to ‘J-Si’s Bully Problem ’ on

Charlize Theron Wearing A Ring On THAT Finger [AUDIO]

Adele sues paparazzi and wins…Sandra Bullock is moving to Texas…Harry Potter stuck in Canada…Lil Wayne to manage Cristiano Ronaldo…and are Charlize Theron and Sean Penn engaged?! listen to ‘Showbiz – June 25, 2014’ on Audioboo Adele sued the paparazzi on behalf of her baby boy, and now 1-year-old son Angelo

J-Si’s Blog: Shhhhh…He’s Sleeping!

We have a bully problem at my house… no, my son is not going crazy on his sister. My kids have actually been little angels… lil’ angels that color on the walls, hide phones, and stick sharp toys in my shoes. Anyways, back to the subject at hand. Kellie Rasberry