Big Al’s Blog: Before and After Disaster Weekend
Big Al’s Blog: Before and After Disaster Weekend

“I Gotta Feeling!” …that this is going to be a great weekend. Why? Well, I’m not real sure.

My weekend plans? First of all, I don’t think guys really make “plans” to go shopping. That’s a girl thing. But, with that said, I am planning a shopping trip today, and yes I’m a guy. I don’t go shopping a lot. And I really don’t have anything in particular that I’m going to the mall for, I just haven’t been shopping in a while and dang it, I’m going. I may even pick up a little gift for Nu Chick since we have been (kinda) dating and I have never really done anything like that for her…(oh, except for a ticket to Mexico…and some flowers…haha)

Speaking of Nu Chick or Honey 3, whatever we are calling her nowadays… she is still around, but barely. But I do like her and when you like someone, you keep trying right? So I’m debating…some people say that you have to be a challenge. Make em work for it…then some people say, why play games? If you like someone, show it! I fall into that category.  What’s my plan? I really don’t know. Lets go backwards. Sunday will include Church and moms house and a movie after. I know that’s not a sexy date but that’s how our weekend will end. (keep in mind, she hasn’t agreed to any of this. I’m just planning) Let’s see. I’m planning this as I think and type. Maybe, I can take her to Saturday morning brunch and then some Mani/Pedi action? Gay Much? Just thinking out of the box here! Well, I’m sure I’ll come up with something…I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Well, that was my Friday blog. And I’m here to report that if my weekend was a car wreck, it would be classified as a MAJOR ACCIDENT WITH MULTIPLE FATALITIES! We had talked about this weekend for 3-4 days. Here was the plan.

I would pick her up at 7 and we would go to dinner. But before we reached the restaurant, I would stop by this cool hotel and check us in. I had told her earlier to bring a bag with clothes for the next day because we might hang at my pool but THE REAL PLAN WAS we would actually hang at the ZaZa pool. She had no idea. This was all a surprise.

So, here it goes. Around lunch time, I met up with her (she lives across the street from the bar) and gave her an envelope that just said “Lola” on it. (that’s her doggies name). I had no idea how much it would cost to board her dog for a couple days so I just put $100 in it. That way if things went well, we could spend Friday night and Saturday morning together and she wouldn’t have to stress about getting home to take her dog out. Good thinking huh?  So around 7, I pull into the hotel valet line. I noticed she didn’t have any type of bag with her but I didn’t mention it. as soon as I pulled into the hotel, she said, “you didn’t get a room here did you?” I said, “No…I got a suite!” I thought that was funny. She didn’t really laugh. It was pretty obvious that she didn’t really think my surprise was a very good idea. After a brief conversation in the car, I convinced her that this would be fun and spontaneous. Note to self: Nu Chick isn’t really spontaneous…even though she almost spontaneously went to Vegas with her best friend the same weekend that she didn’t spontaneously go to Mexico with me. (You ever type something and realize how stupid you are?) anyway, that’s beside the point.

We check in to the Hotel and I put away my stuff…(she had no stuff)…we sat there on the bed for about 3 minutes. Then, we went to dinner. Dinner was great…we laughed talked, everything was groovy! Whats next? Karaoke and fun at my bar…sweet!

Well, we pull up to my bar and that’s when she dropped the bomb on me. She had to go let Lola out. Just in case you missed this earlier, I gave her a couple of dollars to board Lola so we wouldn’t run into this issue. So of course I asked why she didn’t board her. she said, “she got off work EARLY and lost track of time!”  so by this time, I’m feeling about as smart as a box of rocks! I surprised her with a hotel suite (that she clearly didn’t want) and I paid for her to board her dog and she didn’t. I’m thinking she could have boarded me…at least the doggies would have fun.

She goes to let her dog out and comes back about 30 minutes later. I think she walked in as I was singing Karaoke. What was I singing? “Looking for love in all the wrong places!” I thought that would be an appropriate song for my night. I walked up to her at the bar and I could tell she wasn’t feeling the room. I introduced her to Kellie and Jenna. We had a drink or two and she said she wanted to go home  and change. Which really meant, I’m leaving and I hope I never see you again ever in my life! I walked her out and that was it. I did call her a little later and we chatted but the bottom line was she said she didn’t want a relationship.

The End!

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