Happy New Year. I haven’t written a blog since last year. So, in my first blog of 2014, I will go ahead and say that I did not make any serious resolutions for the new year. Just the standard stuff. I want to go to Church more. I want to lose 20 pounds. I want to help people more and drink less. You know, it was the standard few decisions that we all make.

To celebrate the Holidays, My mom actually went to Orlando with my sister and her husband, so since the family was going in different directions, I decided that I would too. On Christmas day, I Went to Playa del Carmen for a couple of days. The temp was a beautiful 82 degrees everyday. I was by myself so it wasn’t the best trip in the world. It was expensive and I couldn’t get my normal Condo since I made the reservation at the last minute. It was a different kind of Christmas but it was ok, I guess.

As I was coming back, all I could think about was Kellie and her trip to Las Vegas to go see the very first Brittney concert. A lot of people asked me how her trip went and honestly, I don’t know. When we go on vacation, we don’t talk that much so that we have stuff to talk about when we go back on the radio after vacation.

For New Years, it was dinner with some friends and Karaoke after.

jerry-springerThen it was brainstorming time. As the year ends, I try to come up with a few more of the great promotion ideas that I am famous for. The first idea was a way to celebrate Elvis’ Birthday, January 8. The first thing that came to mind was Jerry Springer. Ok, I know its random but there’s a reason. Jerry Springer loves to sing Elvis. He has multiple videos on you tube of him singing Elvis. So, why not get in touch with him and try to book him to come sing??? Well, I won’t bore you with the details but we made it happen. He’s coming this Wednesday night! He’ll be singing some of his favorite Elvis songs at my bar. Sometimes, a random idea can actually come together. Now, will people actually show up? That’s the question…

And nothing says Happy Holidays like a trip to Lubbock, Texas. Yes, I loaded up the truck, (actually, it was a plane), and I headed to Lubbock. Why? I’m going to have a few parties this Spring in different cities and Lubbock is one of them. And so, Since I had no idea what Lubbock really looked like, I thought I’d go check it out. When I first got there, I felt like the only black man in the city but after a couple of hours, I found another brother here and there.

So, on my way to work this morning, there was potential excitement and even possible danger. I looked in my rear view mirror and there it was. Maybe 100 yards behind me was a high speed chase. There was a car with no lights being followed by a line of police cars. For some reason, I have this fascination of being the guy to end a high speed chase. So as I pulled to the right lane and slowed to about 40mph on the frwy. I noticed the line of cars was exiting. So, I exited. Now, I’m trying to think what I would do to end the chase. My heart was beating fats and they were approaching. Should I swerve and hit the suspect? Should I just try to do a rolling road block and not let him pass me? or should I just get in front of him and hit my brakes and force the suspect to run into the back of my truck??? I think slamming on my brakes is the best thing. That’s what I will do. that way, I can still pull off if I need to. Then, for some strange reason, I started thinking about my TV interview that would surely follow. What would I say? Would they just send the camera guy or will they send an actual reporter? Its never the Hot girl reporter at 4am in the morning. Will I have a good description of the events to tell the guy about what happened? I wonder will I get called in to do an in studio interview? Oh my, Here they come… they’re getting closer…I wonder if the mayor and the city council will give me a key to the city? Maybe, I can do a fundraiser at the bar for the victims of the crime that this dude just committed??? Crap. I wonder how long my truck will be in the shop after the bad guy runs into me? Aww, they turned right.