Well, we officially have internet again, after Kinsey’s pregnancy rage episode from a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, we had to get some rewiring because our former internet supplier cut the wires that were there from the company we ended up going with. Apparently, it is normal for a company to take their time when you start a new contract with them. haha.

internetThe problem is that getting the internet again may be the worst thing to happen to me. What is so bad about having internet? Nothing, it opens up the world… however, I accidentally go super addicted to Breaking Bad, and since I did not have the chance to watch it for almost three weeks, I was binge watching. I had the show on pause at all times, ready to go, just in case I got one minute to watch. If I was playing with Cason, and he ran to his room to play with his books, I would sneak in some watching. If Cason went to the corner of the room to play with his toys, I snuck in some watching. If Kinsey ran to the store, I would sneak a couple of minutes. I spent my weekend sneak watching. I would get excited when Kinsey went to sleep because I was able to sneak in a couple of episodes. Yeah, it’s that bad… and I don’t think I am close to catching up.

Kinsey noticed I was developing a problem, so she made me go to the convenience store to buy some candy, and some beer. Her mom came into town, so we tend to get her favorite beer so she can relax. Yup, I have an easy going mother in law. Sorry to brag. Anyways, I pull into my parking spot, which happens to be near the dumpster, on the side of the building. I look around to make sure my surroundings are clear, especially because I like to pretend I am in a Breaking Bad episode, and when I look to my right I notice a man sitting three feet from my car, squatting up against the wall. Maybe he’s getting a leg workout in? Doing some wall squats? I would like to think that is what he was doing, but you tend to do those with your pants up. I stayed in my car because I was a bit shocked. The guy then stood up. Looked at me, pulled his pants up, grabbed his backpack, and walked in front of my car, around the corner of the building, and entered the convenience store. In the words of the philosophical woman who goes by Amanda Bynes: EWWWW! I had no desire to go in there a potentially touch something that had been touched by Drifter the Poo (that’s what I nicknamed him). So I blame my Breaking Bad addiction to this, which I would not have been able to watch if we still did not have internet. See? My life was ruined, for a few minutes.