March is upon us… what does that mean? Spring flowers, March Madness and Boobs! Well, according to a friend of mine. In the past week, I have run into two different couples that were having boob jobs the next day. So maybe when this one guy told me that March was the busiest month of the year for boob jobs, he was right. His theory was pretty simple. Guys give the gift of boobs in December as a Christmas gift or maybe even in February as a Valentine’s Day gift. Then, They schedule the procedure for a day in March. This is when his theory gets a little shady. He said he wanted the boobs to be ready for March Madness! Ok, he is a big Kansas Jayhawk fan. (Rock Chalk Jayhawks.) Anyway, personally, I think if March is the busiest month, it’s because the girls want to be ready for the beach
and the pool in the summer time.sbworkout Duh! Both of these guys were so excited. one of them even said he was going to send me pictures after the surgery. Ummm, can we do that? Send pics of the new boobs to our friends. Wow. I mean I know we are proud after we make a big purchase like a new car, a boat, maybe a harley. And we want all of our friends to see what we just got. But when it’s your woman’s boobs, can we still say, “Hey guys, take a look at these babies! $6000 well spent!” Guys are Guys. And well, that’s what we do I guess. Well, I guess by now, both of these guys are enjoying their new toys. And sure, maybe one of them will send me pics so that I can share in his joy. And yes, I will smile.