Sooooooooo, I got my computer back yesterday after it spent the night in the computer hospital. Guess what the final word was? Obviously, it did not go to apparatus heaven to be with my walkman from when I was in 5th grade. The comctor (computer doctor) said that my computer is fine. Really?! He told me some of the things that he did to the computer. I have no idea what any of those things did, or if they are actually real, but he said that it should be fine. The only thing I understood was that he updated some stuff. I was excited, I got home, turned it on, got on the internet, and 5 minutes later… the internet crashed. No biggie. Got the internet running again… and 5 minutes later, it crashed. Maybe its a good thing, because it has been doing that ever since. Maybe that’s a good thing, because I won’t get stuck surfing the internet for hours. I can only last about 4-5 internet shut downs before I want to throw it against a wall. With that said, I have started the J-Si computer relief fund. It’s so that I can buy a new computer, and I only have one sponsor: me. Wish my fund luck! 😉

Good news: I have full on cable again because my jacked up living room has been finished by Nacho the Macho handy man. livingroom I learned a bunch just by watching his work. Would I be able to put a room together, with dry wall, and patching, and then paint it and all that good stuff by myself? Heck no! But I kind of know the steps. I will just stay on the small projects: putting furniture together, hanging mirrors, and putting lights up outside the house. Good times!