I don’t know if it is an official thing, but I am pretty sure my computer has done died on me. That simple. I am not mad that the computer died on me, cause that is going to happen. I am more angry at how impossible they make it to have your computer looked at. If you walk into one of those stores, named after a deliciously juicy fruit that keeps the doctor away, you better have an appointment, or you will get the death stare. Problem is, I can’t see the future, which makes it impossible to plan ahead. I did go to that store, and I did get shut down… Even after telling the genius that I had a new hard drive. I already know what will happen today when I show up: some guy will say a bunch of tech words, I’ll have a dumbfounded look on my face, and he will plainly
say, “you did something to cause this.” Can I place a bet in Vegas on this… So I can buy a new comp? Ha!

In other news: WE HAVE A DINING ROOM TABLE! If you remember, I bought one months ago. It came, was damaged, sent it back, and nothing came back. No chairs, no table… Nothing. So while Kinsey and I took a trip to a furniture store, I noticed a table and chairs I liked. I told Kinsey that if they had it in stock, I would buy it on the spot, but we had to get our money back from the other store. Sure enough, everything was in stock. This was my call to the other store:

Me: Hi, I ordered a table and chairs from you guys and never got them.
Store: ok, name.


Me: Jose
Store: ok, sorry about that, someone forgot to ship. I will have them to you by early next week.
Me: it’s ok, just refund me. I found a store with table an chairs that I can have today, and they are not damaged.
Store: what if we give you a 20% discount.
Me: nah, getting treated nicely is worth more to me. Thank you, tho.
Store: ok. We will be here when you change your mind.
Me: right.

We win! Kind of. We bought see thru chairs and table… Totally forgot that Cason’s favorite thing to do was kiss, lick, and touch everything. I guess we can clean them for special occasions. Whoops!