Momma Mack is going to Mexico! I know I have already written about that but that’s how happy this makes me. It’s almost like I have had this part of my life for a long time and even though she has seen pictures of it and everything, she hasn’t experienced it, and now she is. I have never been so happy to take a woman to Mexico, and on top of that, she is even excited. I’m sure she’s a little scared at the same time. But yesterday, she called me and said she had her passport. passportI was like, wow, that was fast. But what had happened was she actually got a passport 10 years ago when she went on a cruise to the Bahamas, and when she went to her safe deposit box to find her birth certificate for us to go get her a new passport, there it was. She had even forgot about it. Passports are good for 10 years, right? Well, hers expires like 2 weeks after we get back. It is meant to be!

Last night was a big night. No, not the Gaga concert. You Know Who and I went to the market and bought dinner – rotisserie chicken, broccoli. carrots and a sweet potato. I wanted to throw in a couple chicken wings but she wouldn’t let me. Damn her! But after the grueling 85 minutes I spent on the freaking treadmill, I guess it was for the best. If I don’t win this freaking bet with this guy, I am going to be livid. Who spends that much time on a treadmill? A guy that doesn’t want to lose a bet and have to pay up and buy 4 tickets on Southwest Airlines to New Orleans. 13 more days! The bet ends on Fat Tuesday!
Speaking of the Gaga show, I wanted to go after seeing all of the hoopla but after 2 hours at the gym, I was pooped. But I did get a call around 7:30 from the lady that I bought the tickets for. They were a gift and she was taking her 12-year-old step son. She called to ask me if I knew the 2 tickets weren’t together?! I was shocked. I had no idea. I bought them online and I never really looked at them. I’ve had them for almost 2 months and I remember looking in the envelope to make sure there were 2 tickets in there and once I saw that, I just put them away. Who sells 2 tickets that aren’t together? I apologized to her several hundred times. I Felt so bad, but there was nothing I could really do. She sent me a text a few minutes later and somehow they worked their way into the pit area, BOTH of them. So, I guess it worked out!