There’s a certain segment of society that will only buy lottery tickets if the jackpot is over $400,000,000 or some huge amount. They won’t buy a ticket if the lottery is 5 or 10 million. That’s just not enough. Well, Maybe $1000 wasn’t enough for people to try to get Conan to my bar to sing Karaoke with me? I’m doubling down. $2000 is now the price I will pay to get Conan into my bar to sing a Karaoke song with me. And just in case there’s a smart ass out there that is going to bring Conan Johnson to my bar, let me be clear. I am talking about the Late night talk show host, red headed, tall, white guy with red hair that is on TV every night. NOT Conan Williams that works in accounting.

carnival-outfitMy girlfriend showed me a picture of the outfit that she is going to be wearing at Carnival in Jamaica in a few weeks… HOLY CRAP…Where’s the rest of it? So, my pretty girlfriend is headed off to Jamaica to basically one of the party capitals of the world to party and celebrate for an entire week while wearing about 3 square inches of material on her body and a feather over each boob? And she’s going with her “girlfriends?” aw, hell naw! To Jamaica??? What is Carnival , anyway? What the heck are they celebrating? What’s the point? Someone please explain. It’s just an excuse to drink and sin away from home! Grrrrrrrrrr!