The Michael Berg train keeps rolling. And the way people embrace a story of “Good” always amazes me. Just in case you don’t know what in the heck I’m talking about, 2 weeks ago, a listener won a contest we were doing on the air. And after he won, he told us about how he was going to spend the money on his girlfriend. She was graduating college after having to temporarily give up on her dream of graduating college because of brain tumors. The young lady was in her 20’s. The really amazing part of this story was the fact that Michael chose to stay with the girl even after he found out she would be spending lots elevatoryof time in and out of the hospital. This was a relationship that he chose to stay involved in at a time when, (in our opinion), a lot of guys would have “cut bait and ran.” So after hearing this story on the radio, one of my neighbors decided to help out even more. He saw me in the elevator of our apartment building and he told me he wanted to donate a little more money for Mike berg and today he left a check for $500 for him. On top of that, he said he DIDN’T want his name mentioned on the air. We salute you “anonymous elevator man” and on behalf of people that don’t see many acts of random kindness for total strangers, thank you.

Watch Michael Berg’s story here