Big Al’s Blog: You Make The Choice
Big Al’s Blog: You Make The Choice

I don’t get asked to show my nurturing side very much so when I do, its kind of a big deal. Not to mention the fact that it’s a doctor that’s asking me to do it so I better bring it…yeah, she hasn’t been feeling well the last couple of days so I had to be the doctor a little bit. She has flu like symptoms or at least a very bad cold. She told me she needed soup so that’s tissuewhen I went into action. I went to the store and bought about 6 different flavors. I got the chicken gumbo, chicken with rice, potato, and of course, chicken noodle. Then I got the ingredients for the most awesome Hot toddy ever made: lemon, honey, sleepy time tea and of course, crown royal. Chase that with a little Cepacol and it should be a very restful night. I think I may be the best among the guys on the show at taking care of a sick female. Let’s examine.

J-Si is probably going to be too busy telling you how great he is at taking care of a girl to actually take care of her. He would likely serve you some type of home remedy that included leftover hotel room service food. And he would serve it to you while wearing his Charger uniform.

Kidd is going to spend all of his time in the kitchen putting something together in his new blender. Oh sure, he can cook his butt off…but do you really want your caretaker bringing you food while he is in between playing verses of Sweet Home Alabama on his keyboard??? I Think Not!

You would much rather have the guy that was voted Best Hands on the show rubbing some Vicks Vapor Rub all over your chest while he brings you chicken noodle soup and Ritz crackers. I would bring you all of the Kleenex you could possibly ever need. And you wouldn’t even be expected to put out…at least not until you were back to 60-70% of your old self. That would just be selfish!

So, Ladies, you decide. Who do you really want to take care of you while you are under the weather? The San Diego Charger Nurse, The Top Chef blender doctor, or the man that is going to rub you gently from your head to your feet while you sip Hot tea as he feeds you soup from a spoon as he puts one hand under your chin so you don’t spill a single drop on your sexy Lingerie that I just bought you from Victoria’s secret!!!!

I think the choice is pretty clear. Get Well Soon babe.