Kinsey and I had our first big change involving Cason yesterday. He turned three months old yesterday, and for the last three months, we have established our routine with Cason. We feed him at certain times, we put him down to sleep at the same time every night, we read him the same amount of books each night, and most importantly… (according to Kinsey) he has slept in our room in his little bassinet since he came home from the hospital. So for the last three months, he has been about 12 inches from us as he sleeps. Well, the lil guy has graduated into the crib. This may sound like the most boring thing in the world to you, but its a big deal. How big? Big enough to make Kinsey cry… a lot. haha! I took it as a good thing. He’s finally grown so much that he no longer fits in there like he used to, and he needs to learn to sleep in his crib before he becomes the 24 year old guy who sleeps in the same bed as his parents, thus ruining their romantic life. Plus, each inch he grows, means he is getting that much closer to playing QB for the San Diego Chargers, if he chooses to play football, which I would love more than my new pair of underwear that give me the support I need.

Kinsey doesn’t see it as I do at all. She cried because she feels like he is growing faster than she thought. She also says that she feels like he “doesn’t need us as much”. I had to tell her that he definitely still needs us. Heck, the lil guy doesn’t know that he can control those four long things stuck to his body. I was talking about his arms and legs for those who think I was saying he has some abnormal growth going on. He finally knows how to roll over, but he doesnt know that he can do more with it. He just sits there with his arm pinned under his body and wiggles in a circle until he finally cries for help. So based on that evidence, I am pretty sure he still needs us. This will be the first of many conversations like this… but I assume that as he gets older, the tears will turn into a sense of pride, and eventually, the tears will turn into a sense of urgency. You know, you eventually want him to pay rent or go spread his wings, because you kind of want to have the house to yourself, due to being an old grumpy person, who still has their 24 year old son sleeping in their bed. Can you tell that I am afraid to have a kid who ends up taking over the mom and dad world that I like to call: the big bed. That has happened… I dont know where, but its happening right now. There is a 24 year old man in bed with his parents. Weird. Now I want to find this person.

So we got our first big change out of the way, which will be followed by his first steps, first day of school, first day of full day school, first sleepover, first sports practice, first date, first kiss, first heartbreak, first car, first day of college, first apartment… etc. All those moments will definitely involve Kinsey crying, and a small celebration on my behalf.

Moral of the story: Cason may be growing, but his hair is not. I need to buy him a wig.