Country singer Joey Feek says final goodbyes to family

Academy Awards ratings… Ben Higgins says the “L” word TWICE… Gwyneth Paltrow will get everything she asked for… Erin Andrews lawsuit update… and Joey Feek says final goodbyes to family

Despite all the controversy, the ratings for the 88th Academy Awards were down 8 percent from the year before. The final numbers are out later today, but initial numbers show that 34.3 million of us watched Sunday night — the lowest ratings for the Oscars since 2008, which had a record-low 32 million viewers. On the bright side, more men watched this year than last. Is that because they love controversy? Chris Rock? Leo DiCaprio?

Boring Ben Higgins may have just become the most controversial Bachelor of all time. Throwing the rule book out the window, Ben told not one, but TWO women that he loved them last night, which shocked the heck out of the women and the Twitterverse! First, poor Caila told Ben she loved him, but he just couldn’t say it back. But when Lauren and then JoJo said it, Ben couldn’t help himself! He had to say it back! This is just not done. EVER. So Caila came over to surprise Ben, but he told her he was in love with the other two and sent her home. Awkward and rude. And then at the rose ceremony, Ben gave roses to both JoJo and Lauren and then they all stood around giggling like the most awkward polygamists ever. Except the women weren’t in on it. It was ICKY. But we have to wait a couple weeks to find out who Ben finally chooses because next week it’s the Women Tell All.

Gwyneth Paltrow filed for divorce from Chris Martin on April 20 of last year. And since then………..nothing. Chris never filed an answer to her divorce petition and the judge has not notified the former couple that Gwyneth may now be eligible to get a default judgment, which means she’ll get everything she asked for. But it’s not like Gwyneth was being unreasonable in the first place. Chris and Gwyneth’s business managers have been working out a settlement involving their assets.

Erin Andrews took the stand to testify in her $75 million lawsuit against the Marriott in Nashville — the hotel she claims told a pervert what room she was staying in and allowed him to get the room next door. He then videoed her through a peephole and Erin ended up naked on the internet. Erin says a friend called her to tell her about the video and then she pulled it up online. Erin testified, “I saw it for 2 seconds, and I thought, ‘Oh, my God,’ and I shut it down, and I said I have to call you back. And I called my parents. I was just screaming.” Erin says she was so hysterical that the hotel called to make sure she was okay. But on top of the humiliation of being naked on the internet, Erin says people believed she did it as a publicity stunt. She testified that ESPN refused to let her go back on the air unless she went on TV. Against her will, she decided Oprah would be the best choice, but she still had a meltdown in the green room before taping. Erin said Oprah came in and promised her she would take care of her. And she did.

Rory Feek blogged yesterday that his wife Joey has very little time left on this earth. Joey’s been battling stage 4 cancer but she wanted to live long enough to see her baby girl Indy turn 2. And now that she’s reached that milestone, Rory says his wife’s body has had about all it can take and that the end is near. He wrote, “Joey gathered her family together around her and she said goodbye to each of them…to her mother and father and her three sisters…. And then she asked me to bring our baby in. And so…I set our little Indy on Joey’s lap and we all cried with my wife as she told her how much her mama loved her and ‘you be a big girl for your papa and that mama will be watching over you.’ And then she pulled Indiana up and she kissed her.”  Rory continued, “In the 40 short years that Joey has lived, my bride has accomplished many great things…she’s lived a very full life. But even more than that, she has loved those around her greatly and been loved greatly in return. I can honestly say that Joey’s isn’t just a life well-lived, it’s a life well-loved.”


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