Big Al’s Blog: Diet=Boring
Big Al’s Blog: Diet=Boring

Boy, people get a little upset when you change the channel during the championship game. Geez people, it was just a little quick joke. I waited until just the last moment. I mean the build up was great. People had been waiting at the bar from like 5pm. Then right as the kicker was about to start the game, I switched the big screens to The Bachelor. Boy, the crowd wasn’t real happy with me. The 10 seconds that followed were maybe the longest 10 seconds of my life. All I could think of was when I did this last time. That time, I didn’t just change the channel, I actually turned the projector totally off. This was during March Madness. But the bad part was, when you turn a projector off, it doesn’t come back on immediately when you hit the power button. It takes like a minute to power back up and the bulb has to warm back up. It was a couple of minutes until it came on…not good. Especially because, some people that come in don’t know that we were doing a wacky radio bit. They just thought our projector went out at the worst moment ever.

Ok, its day 6 of the big diet. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to be proud of myself but I am. I have no idea if I have lost any weight or not but I have really been trying. I have been eating way better and been way more consistent in my work out schedule. Time will tell.

Here’s my diet diary for the past few days: (boring)

Big al diet:

Friday: 7a—oatmeal

12n—grilled chicken salad

6p—salmon, greens, broc, small mac and cheese

Saturday: 12n–grilled chicken salad

1p- ½ tequila shot

4p—1/2 tequila shot

3p-8p—3 sugar free red bulls

Salmon, greens, string beans, 1 red wine,

Sunday: 12n chicken breast/salad

5p- salmon, greens, string beans, 1 red wine

Monday: 7a—oatmeal with bananas

11a—salad, ½ slice pizza,

2p—tuna and protein drink

9p—chicken salad