Big Al’s Blog: Happy New Year
Big Al’s Blog: Happy New Year

what a vacation. It started off with a bang. First off, I was soooooo scared that I was going to screw up the big Anniversary Party at my bar. It had soo many variables. I planned the entire thing. That’s enough to make anyone nervous. I booked the band, printed the tickets, made the flight reservations, booked the hotel rooms, I mean everything. But it actually went off without a hitch. I had an old school group for the entertainment, Digital Underground, and they were awesome to hang out with and put on a great show. The place was packed and everyone had a blast.

the next morning, it was off to Mexico.

I was in my car on my way to the airport when I got a text message from my manager. Khloe Kardashian was at the bar. I had this sign posted in front of my bar welcoming Khloe and Lamar to town. Apparently, she saw it and stopped to take a picture. And she had her camera crew with her. Traffic stopped, onlookers, neighbors, it was CRAZY! I made a u-turn and got back there as quick as I could. She was sooo nice. She took pictures with everyone and hung out for a good while. she’s soo skinny. AND HOT! And that wasn’t the biggest thing. I left the bar after an hour of Kardashian-palooza and by the time I landed in Mexico, my phone and email were both blowing up. the pictures of Khloe in front of the bar were all over. She tweeted the pics and they got picked up all over. Gossip sites, E network, it was awesome. I was getting calls and emails in Mexico from all over the world. Who knew a $300 sign would reap such great rewards? And of course, the wonderful city code compliance people came by a few days later and made me take the sign down. The City Code people suck!

The rest of the Mexico Vacation was a blip compared to all of that media attention. The whole “alone” thing in Mexico is really starting to get tiresome. It wasn’t too long ago that I Loved traveling alone. I’m not sure what has changed…Maybe it was because it was Christmas time, I’m not sure. But this way of traveling that was so much fun to me a few years ago, has now turned into something that is far less fun now. I guess I’ll still do it if I have no one that wants to go with me…but its just not as fun as it used to be.

There really wasn’t a lot happening with girls during the whole vacation. I kissed 4 girls on new years eve but I could only tell you two of their names. That’s bad, huh? Just a small indication that I will be single forever. I did meet this really hot personal trainer while on vacation that looks like a freaking body builder. NO WAY I will ever let her see me in any form of nakedness…not that she asked. I did text kellie to she if she wanted to come kiss me at midnight…she declined!