Big Al’s Blog: So This HOT Asian Girl Walks Into My Bar…
Big Al’s Blog: So This HOT Asian Girl Walks Into My Bar…

So this hot asian girl walks into the bar and i turned to look at her and she came and hugged me and said “al”. i was like “you!” she said you don’t remember my name do you? i was speechless. she was right. she said, let me see how you saved me in your phone. i said i would love to but i can’t remember your name. she said you have 30 minutes to figure it out, or else. she went back to her friends. this would be tough. well, I started thinking…she’s asian and she’s hot. so i probably put the words hot or asian in her moniker. so, i decided to look up the girls with either the words “hot” or “asian” in my cell phone and hopefully, something would look familiar.

So, first I seached for the word asian. Ok there were 8 girls with the word asian in my phone.

Hot asian

Liz hot asian

Mel looks asian

Molly tall asian

Crystal asian boobs

Hot ex asian

Marie Asian booty

And Blond asian

Ok, surely, she’s one of these.

Now, I have to think of a word to text to each of these girls that would let the one girl know that I found her number, but it would also have to be something that the other 7 girls wouldn’t be weirded out by.

I decided on the word, “HA.” Ha would be a funny almost asian word that could mean that I thought of something funny to the other girls. and to the one girl, “Ha, I found you.”

I sent the word to all eight girls. I waited and waited. The girl at the bar had not checked her cell phone. But I did get a text from one of the 7 girls that asked, “who is this?” apparently, I had not talked to “Marie Asian Booty” in a while. I actually should have known that wasn’t her because the girl I was looking at didn’t have much booty…most Asian girls don’t. is that wrong to say? Anyway, I waited and the girl never checked her phone. So I went up to her and she asked if I thought of her name? I said proudly, “check your phone baby!” she did. Nothing…she wasn’t one of the eight. Awwww man. This seemed like a no brainer.

I went back to my spot at the bar to look up all of the girls with the word “HOT” in their name…wow, there was 50 of them. There was no way I could text ha to 50 hot girls. that would just make me look like an idiot.

She finally grabbed her coat, walked up to me and said, my name is alice. And the chick just walked away. I searched Alice in my phone…nothing! So, if you see Asian Alice, tell her I said hi and I’m sorry.