J-Si’s Blog: I Sucked Yesterday
J-Si’s Blog: I Sucked Yesterday

Hi! My name is J-Si, and sometimes I like to put my foot in my mouth… twice in one day. It all started when Kinsey and I headed to Cason’s 2 month checkup, which went great. He actually got his two shots and took it like I champ. When I say he took it like a champ, it means that he cried right away, turned bright red, and then screamed his head off some more. He did calm down as soon as I picked him up. I get the daddy points. I also made Kinsey hold his arms so that he would not associate me with pain. Why did she hold him down? Because I was too busy holding the camera. So congratulations Cason, you are in the 95th percentile in height, and in the 85th percentile in weight. You also have two sore legs. Sounds like a good day to me.

Here he is before his craziness ensued:

There is no after picture because I was too sad to take one of him crying 🙁

So, as we are checking out of our appointment, and scheduling our next appointment, a mother and daughter duo come into the room (calm down, Al). The mom and I struck up a conversation, because that’s what happens when you are a dude, who happens to be holding a baby… girls just want to talk to you. Cason is way better at making that happen than any of my dogs. I can tell that her daughter does not feel good. If I were to give you my professional opinion, I would say that she had a fever and a cold. You’re welcome, you will not be charged this time. The conversation shifted into the “next thing you know… they are grown up” area. So I looked at the girl and said, (in my kid friendly voice) “So, what grade are you in? Did you just start middle school?” The girl had a bit of a shocked look on her face, and after hesitating a little bit, she composed herself, cracked a lil smile, and said, “I am actually 18 and a senior in high school.” Ouch! There’s nothing worse to a pretty, new woman (cause she technically is considered an adult woman now), than being told that she looks to be about 12-13 years old. Good times. I should have stopped talking to women after that encounter. I did not.

We are now back home and Kinsey decides that she wants to take a stroll around our neighborhood, so that Cason can get some fresh air. He was pretty cranky from his doctors visit. So I put on my baby bjorn thing that lets him be strapped to my chest, and we headed out. Once again, Cason attracted another woman over to us. So we started chatting. This woman was pushing a baby in a stroller, and for some reason I looked up at her, and asked this stupid question: “how’s it feel to be a young grandma?” She looked at me with that same awkward look that the girl from the doctors office had given me. Kinsey did the slow eye close, and slight look away thing, and I opened my mouth again, “first time grandma, right?” Now I knew I said something stupid, because the lady collected herself and said, “this is actually my daughter. I’m only 33.” Yup, that just happened. I don’t know what caused me to believe she was way older than us, but I did. My bad. Maybe I was having and off day. Of course Kinsey let me know that I had done that twice in one day… the rest of the day… and will probably do it for the rest of the month… maybe even year.

Here’s what I learned a long time ago, but apparently forgot… a woman’s age should remain hush hush, if you are a dude. Lesson re-learned.