Not to slam on Billy Crystal but when I watched the Oscars last night, his short film spoof that he does every time, made me feel like I watching a rerun. It was kind of funny but it just seemed “been there done that.”

Octavia’s acceptance speech may have been the most emotional speech I have ever seen or heard. I think I said that when Halle Berry won also. But this won blew Halle’s away.

Every time I see J-lo, I think I fall in love with her. but when you throw in a little bit of a nip slip, it’s a whole different story. Was I the only one that was walking all the way up to the TV to see if that was really happening? Man, I felt like such a perv.

But the big news of my weekend was what happened at my bar. This guy was sitting at the bar with his girlfriend and his mother. and all of a sudden, he and his girlfriend started getting into a heated conversation. Then, it turned into an all out argument. The dude and his girl were going at it, then mom jumped in. It was just like Jerry Springer. So we threw the group out. They didn’t leave very peacefully but they did at least take it outside. They continued to argue on the patio. One of my waitresses, Geneva, knew the guy. She was trying to calm him down as well as trying to get them all to leave. That’s when the dude started calling Geneva names… “Fat B” among others. That’s when he committed the ultimate bad move. He spit in her face. We called 911. the police did arrive pretty fast but he had already taken off. He went into another bar just down the street where I heard that he punched a hole in the wall. He was caught and arrested for assault on my waitress. She is pressing charges. DRAMA!