I invested myself into this season of The Bachelor… I kind of had to. I could go watch TV in the room while Kinsey sits in the living room, but I would rather make it one of those nights where we cuddle on the couch and have some fun as we talk about the funny nuances going on that show. For the most part, this season was entertaining thanks to the Tierrarist… but now that she is gone and homeboy is down to three girls, it gets interesting.

I have watched the show before, but this time I know their names… I have a favorite, and I cheer on that favorite. Like an idiot, I looked up who the winner was at the beginning, because I figured Kinsey would get sick of the show after a few episodes. Well, that didn’t happen. ashleefShe is sticking it out til the end for the first time. My favorite this season was Ashley, who ended up going home. Even though I looked up the winner and knew she didn’t win, I still had hope, but all hope is gone. So here are my observations, as a dude, on why Sean sent this incredibly good looking, kind, sexy, fragile, woman home:

1. Sean is a goofy dude… Ashley is not. The remaining two do have some goofy qualities, and that is why they are still standing. Most guys, that are a pleasure to be around, like their girl to have a fun side. Don’t keep it so serious all of the time. That was one factor that did Ashley in… she was just too serious the entire time.

2. Do not… I repeat, DO NOT tell a guy your ring size and what kind of diamonds and ring type you want. Let him choose on his own, and get you one that you want afterwards if you really hate it. For some reason, the letters R, I, N, and G put together scare the crap out of a guy.

3. Try to get rid of your Kardashian baby voice. As guys, we look at a bunch of things, and your voice is one of them. If you sound whinny, that will turn us off in about a month. We don’t want to picture spend the rest of our lives feeling like someone is whining to us. I don’t know how you do it, Kanye.

Those were the only things that caught my eye during Ashley’s tenure there. I still think she will be wife material to the right guy… Sean was just not it.

With that said, she had a perfect exit. Ladies, take notes from this woman. If you want to screw with a guys brain really bad, do what she did when she got dumped. She didn’t cry, she didn’t speak, she just stared at him, let him talk, and then left… like a boss! You could see the wheels turning in Seans head. You want to make a guy doubt his decision? Leave him hanging. Don’t give him the benefit of seeing you cry, and break down emotionally. I have never seen a girl handle getting dumped, by a guy she claims to be in love with, take it like a champion. Well played, Ashley!