If you have a younger brother or sister, you know that there is no such thing as being over protective… right?! That’s how I am with my sis. If I was lawfully allowed to punch every boy that kisses her or dates her, I would be happy. But, that is definitely not an option. My sister has basically had a boyfriend all throughout high school, which Kinsey had even advised her not to do. Well, I am happy to announce that she is a single woman!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, her boyfriend was actually a good guy. We did not see eye to eye at the beginning, but he definitely made the right changes in life and behavior wise. So with that said, I respect the guy, but they were too young, and both need to check out life.

Here’s the thing. Kinsey had a boyfriend all through high school, and broke up with him her senior year. She said she regretted being “locked down” for those 3 and a half years. She missed out on dances, football games, hanging out with her friends… all because she was dating a guy who was not very into the whole “high school scene”. I, on the other hand, was not locked down during my high school career… mostly because it is more difficult for guys to get girls. Freshman year, I rode solo, because girls my age were too busy dating older guys, and the rest of the time I spent it having fun and dating around. I can honestly say, that I LOVED high school. I was able to live it, and do everything I wanted to do in those 4 years. My sister ended up in the same situation Kinsey was in. Luckily, she realized it. Things change so rapidly when we are that young, and we can’t waste any time.

I told my sister that this was the time to have fun. Go date other guys, go to dances, join a team, make new friends, go to concerts… basically, be a high school student. You miss out on that when you date someone who is 19 years old. If you still miss that person after all of that, you can go back. Still can’t describe how weird it felt to hear my sister make her first big girl decision. It definitely was not easy for her, and I could hear it in her voice, but I could also tell she knew she was taking a step in the right direction. Man, time has flown by. I remember when she was a little girl, and I was hiding in her closet and scaring the crap out of her. So proud of her. She is doing well in school, has a plan for after high school, and is about to get her license. Best part is that she was able to talk to me about this. Yay!