J-Si’s Blog: Parenthood class for friends
J-Si’s Blog: Parenthood class for friends

My childhood best friend surprised me and flew in from New York to visit my family this weekend! Yay! Unfortunately, I had a work obligation in Wichita, so I completely missed his trip. It’s one of those things that didn’t work out because we couldn’t find a flight home for me on Saturday. The good news is that he got to hang out with my kids. He is the type of friend that gets the “uncle” title because I do consider him family, and he is a newly wed, who is probably going to dive into the realm of having children pretty soon… so he got to practice!

Most of my friend’s practice came from hanging with Cason. Apparently, he had to go to the grocery store to buy some deodorant, and Cason wanted to go with him. He seemed pretty excited to take Cason with him, so Kinsey told him that if he felt comfortable with it, he could take him. The store is literally one minute from our house by car, and Cason loves riding in the car lately.

I am in Wichita, just getting done with our event (Shout out to my peeps at Woofstock!!!), when I receive a call from my buddy. I pick up, expecting to have a nice chat with him, but I can tell he is flustered from the get go. I picked up the phone and the conversation went like this:

jsi-blog-pic-100614Me: Hello?

Eric: DUDE!!!!

Me: what up?

Eric: ummm… I’m at the store with Cason.

Me: oh, cool, and Kinsey?

Eric: nope, just me… ummm…

Me: whats wrong?

Eric: I guess Cason is not all the way potty trained?

Me: did he pee? He’s usually good about telling us.

Eric: nope… and we are in the middle of the frozen section.

Me: ohhhh no… #2.

Eric: staring at it… so is Cason. What do I do?

Me: clean it.

Eric: with what?

Me: grab a plastic bag or something… and tell someone who works there.

Eric: apparently he just put his little pants on, and nothing else.

Me: yeah, he is sneaky like that sometimes, but at least we didn’t get another pair of undies dirty, so that’s a plus.

Eric: Does this happen a lot?

Me: just on planes and in stores, I guess.

Cason in the background: I poo poo!!!

Eric: he’s screaming about what he did… people are looking.

Me: welcome to parenthood… I gotta go, buddy!

Eric: but!


Turns out Cason put his own pants on, had no undies, and the pants were on backwards, so it was pretty evident that something was not right. And this has been your Cason potty training update. Good times!